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Spicy Cornmeal Hash
A glass of the usual - red flavour
Doughnut Custard Pudding
Alka Seltzer – only joking!

I am writing, or rather trying to write, an article on polenta – got lots of ideas but have to make and test them all before I commit them to paper. In fact this is why I haven’t posted for a while – too busy eating.

Today I had a lot of polenta scraps leftover and I also had some roasted vegetables left after making a pizza the other day so decided to fry the whole lot up together. Worked for me.

Spicy Cornmeal Hash

a handful of cooked polenta remnants
a handful of Spicy Roasted Veggies
some (!) diced Feta cheese
1 tbsp olive oil

~ Heat the olive oil in a shallow pan.
~ Toss in the polenta and fry till hot with crispy areas.
~ Add the roasted vegetables and toss through till hot.
~ Add the diced Feta and toss through till hot.
~ Eat

Lots more ideas for leftover polenta here.

Spicy Roasted Vegetables

These are excellent on pizza, in salad, with cheese on toast, as a side dish, in a wrap etc. etc.

1 courgette
1 small aubergine
1 red or yellow pepper
1 red onion
1 clove garlic
olive oil
salt & pepper
chilli flakes

~ Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/180ÂșC fan/gas 6.
~ Cut the vegetables, except the garlic of course, into similar sized pieces.
~ Finely chop of crush the garlic.
~ Spread all the vegetables on a baking tray.
~ Drizzle with olive oil, season and add chilli flakes to taste.
~ Toss all together and roast till soft and possibly even starting to char – particularly the aubergine and the red onion.


Delicate Doughnut Pud

You know how you always feel better throwing away something that has been in the freezer a while rather than throwing it away immediately? Well my friend Carol had three frozen jam doughnuts waiting for ultimate disposal when she had what can only be called An Idea. She thawed them out and sliced them into a bowl, made a simple egg custard – she says 2 eggs, 2 tbsp caster sugar, a little vanilla extract and “about this much” milk and cream (which was about 400 ml) and baked the dish till just set. Yummy!

Rather a heavy lunch so no dinner for me!

In other news ...

I wanted to sing the praises of the fish and chip shop at the top of Bank Street in St. Columb Major. I think it is called The Happy Fryers – but so far as I can see only on the inside; outside it is just called Fish and Chips. Anyhoo, they make almost the best fish and chips I have ever had (they are neck and neck with a place Up North at Seaton Sluice). The fish is always great, copious amounts of excellent chips (even a small portion is not, strictly speaking, small) and the batter is crisp and salty and wonderful. The chips have lots of little shards and fragments of broken off batter (which my man who is of the Geordie persuasion calls “scranchies”) in amongst them
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Anonymous said...

Now I'm intrigued. I can easily see roasted vegetables being used "in salad, with cheese on toast, as a side dish, in a wrap etc." but re-used on a pizza? Having already been roasted, wouldn't they overcook a bit and dry out on a pizza? Or do you mean you would add them on after the pizza base is cooked?

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Well I'd just act accordingly ie. either slightly under roast the veg or add them towards the end of the pizza cooking time. I'm very flexible!