Lovely Ripe Avocado on Toast (nothing to do with Nigella!)

Just a quick lunch!

Lovely Ripe Avocado on Toast
White Wine Spritzer
Just a Coffee

Tesco (sorry to go on about them – they are just up the road at the moment) seems to be rife with under-ripe avocados at 10p each. They are well ‘ard but as it happens I know what to do about that. As you may well know, but might not I suppose, ripening fruits release a gas called ethylene which helps nearby unripe fruits to ripen too. I always put my unripe avocados in a brown paper bag, to contain the gases, together with apples or oranges and they ripen up a treat.

My first ripe avocado from the batch we recently purchased was ready today so I had a simple meal – I toasted some lovely wholegrain bread, spread it with hot tomato and chilli pasta sauce (from my store cupboard) and sprinkled it all with crunchy sea salt. It was yummy in all sorts of ways, hot, tangy, spicy, creamy and crunchy. I love food!

In Other News ...

This bit is from the future!  In November 2015 Nigella Lawson will get a lot of scorn piled on her for publishing a "recipe" such as this but until that date no-one will have scorned me!  Lucky Nigella!

The weather is getting winterier but it’s still nice. We had a frost last night and this morning everything (well, not everything but fences and shed roofs etc.) were steaming in the sunshine. A walk into Padstow was called for …

A pretty day, and not too many people about for a change. I have tried to find out about the face in the wall, which is part of an interesting old building beside the harbour, but so far no luck.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

Your avocado on toast - the very idea makes my mouth water. *smile* It reminds me of my favourite breakfast at the moment, which is crisp home-made bread toasted, spread with creamed horseradish sauce, with tinned sardines on top liberally sprinkled with black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Now that's a great start to the day!