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When quiche was a newfangled thing in Britain I was asked for "A quickie and salad" on more than one occasion! 

~ Menu ~

Garlic Ciabatta Pizza Toast type thing
Red Wine

We’ve just been shopping in Tesco at Kingston Park and It Was Bloody Awful. The store is so big that on occasions (not today) I have seen some of the staff getting about on roller skates.  Despite its size there was almost a gridlock of trolleys.  They had sold out of all but the small frozen turkeys and have no more coming in, customers were miserable, moans and groans all over the place.  All the checkout chaps in their Santa hats, were either glassy eyed or scowling and I don’t blame them.  

In the midst of all this a tiny “curly haired moppet” as I believe they are called, only about 2 years old, was belting out Jingle Bells at the top of his voice.  Bless him - he was the only cheerful person I could see in the whole store.

Didn’t know what to have for lunch when we got back (obviously we are not allowed to touch the several tons of food we now have stockpiled for Christmas) but my darling reminded me that I had some garlic Ciabatta so I made a quasi pizza, topping it with Tesco’s Cherry Tomato & Chilli Pasta Sauce, quickly sautéed red onion and halved baby plum tomatoes and then some scraps of Boursin and Feta.

It was gorgeous and so pleasant to sit in front of the fire wining, dining, relaxing and warming up.

Right I’m off to start dinner – roast leg of lamb with all the accoutrements, see how we suffer up here – and looking out the window, quelle surprise, it’s pissing down with snow.

Oh, so far as the sparkly silver stuff I saw the other day is concerned the most sensible (indeed the only so also the stupidest) suggestion I have had is that they are fairies.

10.00 pm. - ADDENDA - just been to the huge Tesco again (bag of potatoes was rotten) and there are no frozen turkeys now but, on the plus side, the staff all seemed loads happier.  Happy Christmas to them all, poor things.  Kingston Park makes our local Tesco seem really cosy.

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