Off on our strange wanderings

~ Menu ~

Cheddar and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney on Toast
Glass of Shiraz
4 squares of Bourneville

Neither this picture, nor its description does the teeniest amount of justice to the simple but delicious meal I have just eaten. When I started thinking about lunch I found I didn’t have much to work with, or at least so I thought at first. But even though this was the crust of the loaf and the end of the cheese and the scrapings from the jar it was all just perfect.

The caramelised onion were from M & S which is one of my store cupboard staples, the cheese was Davidstow Extra Mature Cheddar, the toast was crunchy in the right places and soft in the right places. The glass of wine was the perfect compliment. I wish I was still eating it.

The 4 squares of chocolate were not my fault. They were simple eaten to make the menu (above) look a little more interesting.

I do wish I had some parsley (sometimes called either “green shit” or “love” in kitchens that I have worked in) or something else edible and green to garnish the plate with but this is reality, and harsh!

I’m not, however, writing because I’ve had a good lunch or anything like that but just because this I my last day in Cornwall till maybe the end of March. We are off on our strange wanderings again. I’m certainly not complaining because life is interesting and fun but we are always on the move and it really gets on my tits sometimes! Tomorrow we head to Mersea Island in Essex to see my sister and her family. A (lovely, hopefully) few days with them and then Up North for Christmas and the New Year in the Toon. We intend to fly to the sun in January for a couple of months to the beautiful island of Tortola, where we used to live, but, y’know, it all depends.

Do you know what this is a picture of?

Me neither!

Yesterday was my man’s birthday and we wandered into the village and had a bevy at The London Inn. Padstow was quiet for once and pretty in the winter sun. I shall miss Cornwall, but then I always do.

Only joking, by the way, about the picture above - it’s a portrait of a piece of popping candy. They are somewhat in the news at the moment because Heston Blumenthal has devised a yummy looking (not tried it yet) chocky cake with these little buggers in it. Reading his recipe has made me miss my late cat.

Back in the 70s, popping candy was called space dust and our cat was called Mulberry. Sometimes Mulberry and I shared some space dust, I’d put a few grains on his tongue and he’d immediately run around the room with his tail straight up (as did I). After a minute or two he’d come and stand in front of me with his tongue out waiting for more.

The reason I have this lifelike image is a year or so ago I was experimenting with popping candy in my ice cream recipes – to some small success, but more work needed – and wanted to have a good look at a piece to see if it had any small pieces of pop (or bubbles) already inside and from my research I think the answer is yes.

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