Cunning Plan Starts Today - Bugger!

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Breakfast … nothing

Lunch ...  2 slices of dry toast with a little Bovril (from my store cupboard)

… which I served on a pretty plate to make it even more exciting!

Basically a few months ago, fed up with creeping middle age spread, I tried an eating regime that seriously impressed me. The diet was invented or discovered or something by a certain Dr. Johnson, you can read all the details (and lots of other stuff) on his site but the basic idea is that every other day for 2 weeks you consume less than 500 calories (yikes!) eating as usual, not binging, on the intervening days.  According to Dr. Johnson and others this can turn on the  SIRT1 or "skinny gene." and, thereafter, being slim and staying young for longer is a doddle.  Nice

After the 2 weeks are up (and yes, it is difficult eating so few calories every other day) you are allowed 1000 calories on the “down days”, which is quite easy, continuing to eat as normal on the alternate days.  A really easy way to check your calorie intake is to register at and avail yourself of their their excellent info.

I am not sure about the “skinny gene” or it being easier to stay slim because of it but it is definitely true that eating a lot less than normal on alternate days has a positive effect on the old flabby bod.  The beauty for me, is that only dieting for 1 day at a time, if I crave something I only have to wait till tomorrow to have it.  Furthermore this way of dieting need not interfere with my social life, such as it is, I just make arrangements accordingly.  One other benefit for me is that I dabble in freelance food writing and this diet enables me to test (and eat) recipes one day and then write about them the next. 

So, you may be wondering, why if it was so good, did I stop eating like this and allow myself to put on weight again.  Well, my friends, I am Peculiar and spend portions of my life nomading around staying at friends and family and at these times it is difficult to stick to any sort of regime.  Christmas and New Year haven’t helped.  Now, with the festive season finally over (it was a long one, wasn’t it?) and the possibility of being scantily clad in the tropical sun shortly (maybe, maybe not – don’t know yet) I am determined to have another go at it. 

For dinner I think I shall have a piece of salmon with Hellman’s Light mayonnaise, salad and um … I know, more nothing!

To drink today I have had, and will have, black coffee and water.  Delish.

However tomorrow is another day which, as I said, is why I like this way of losing weight.

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James and Maggie said...

I actually met 'Skinny' Gene once at a party and found him quite tiresome to be honest. Hope all's well. Jim

Suzy - SuddenLunch said...

Was he with Katherine Yvonne?

Langston said...

Was he with Katherine Yvonne?