The Miracle of Coleslaw

Sorry I’ve been such a slacker, blog-wise, recently.

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More of my homemade bread

I am now trying to eat everything in place preparatory to our leaving the country.  Actually I exaggerate; not everything, just the things that are not worth leaving for my Father in Law.  So today I had quite a selection of cheese scraps (soft, hard, creamy, blue, white, herbed, not sure, etc.) so I ate some of these together with the last of my homemade bread – see last post, yes I froze some - and a bowl of coleslaw. 

Isn’t coleslaw lovely, by the way, almost a miracle. Even at its most basic, just shredded cabbage, onion and mayonnaise it is very moreish.   It is also quick, cheap, easy, healthy and if you use light mayonnaise (and personally, so far as Hellman’s is concerned, I can taste very little or perhaps no difference) not too fattening either.  So, finding myself in possession of a surplus to requirements cabbage I made myself some …

Very Basic Coleslaw Recipe 

12 oz tightly formed cabbage – red or white or both

1 medium sized onion – red or white or both
1 carrot – coarsely grated
2-3 tbsp mayonnaise
salt and black pepper to taste

~   Finely shred or chop the cabbage.
~   Similarly cut the onion and add to the cabbage together with the carrot.
~   Add the mayonnaise and stir and toss all together till everything is coated with mayo.
~   Taste and season.

Great Coleslaw Additions

~   Grated apple - toss this with a little lemon juice to stop it browning.
~   Finely shredded raw beetroot for pink coleslaw.
~   Fresh fennel bulb , shredded – garnish with some of the pretty fronds.
~   Whole grain mustard – just a spoonful stirred into the mayonnaise before assembling the coleslaw.
~   Add a little horseradish sauce.
~   Fresh herbs.
~   Lemon or lime juice.
~   Hot sauce or sweet chilli sauce.
~   Dress with a vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise – lots of salad dressing ideas here.
~   Sprinkle with nuts or seeds.

Here is a very romantic portrait of my finished coleslaw!

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ally watkins said...

hi Suzy
here is a great recipe for coleslaw we use daily in the deli
white cabbage fennel bulb and carrot we then ad golden raisins cranberries walnuts hazel nuts and Brazils. this is all blended with fresh Greek yoghurt. the yoghurt and the fennel lift the coleslaw to a very clean taste on the pallet while the nuts and fruit add a crunch and a sweet twist. come in and grab a pot and see for your self

Peter Thomos said...

wow what a great recipe,thanks for sharing it!!
Dried Country Vegetables