Bread Sauce - Traditional yet Luxurious Version

What an excellent day it was yesterday – I went to the dentist *** so didn't have lunch till dinner time and then I had to eat slop. Yummy slop mind you.

~ Menu ~

Chicken, Tomato & Coconut Curry with Fresh Coriander
White wine Spritzer

I cooked a full on roast dinner for my men-folk (we are at my Father-in-Laws at the mo and he, like his son, loves a big manly meal!) but it is not really my sort of thing even when my mouth is fully operational. Whilst the chicken (and homemade stuffing, traditional yet luxurious bread sauce, roasted potatoes etc. etc.) were cooking I made myself a simple coconut curry sauce and added some chicken to it at the last minute.

Coconut Curry Sauce – for just 1

1 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp curry paste - I like Patak's Madras paste
8 – 10 cherry tomatoes
1 sachet creamed coconut
fresh coriander if poss

~   Heat together the oil and curry paste and cook over low heat till fragrant.
~   Halve the tomatoes and add to the pan, cut side down and in one layer if at all poss.
~   Cover and cook gently till the tomatoes have exuded their juices (yum!)
~   Chop up the creamed coconut (handy hint thing here – I remove the solid coconut oil from the creamed coconut, save it up and then use it to shallow fry fish when being a bit tropical) and sprinkle over the tomatoes.
~   Cook a few minutes more till the coconut has melted, stir together and dilute if you like with a little water or stock.

Then add whatever you like eg. chicken or just use as a sauce.

The only reason I had coriander in the curry is that we bought a bargain pack of "Thai Style Medley" (shallots, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chilli, fresh coriander and a few veg) from Tesco for a few pence.  Everything will be used but the coriander (I keep trying to type cilantro – years under American influence can do that to you, I say garbage and trash too!  On the other hand my friend Bob from New Hampshire says “rubbish” now that he knows us.  There’s a joke in there somewhere!) had to be used first; floppy.

Here's my lovely ...

Luxurious yet Traditional Bread Sauce

1-2 slices bread, torn
1 tbsp olive oil or butter
1 medium onion - thinly sliced
125 ml hot chicken or veg stock
75 ml double cream

~   Tear the bread into pieces and either allow to go stale or dry out in a hot  oven for a few minutes
~    Cook the onions my favourite way, in the oil or butter, till very, very tender.
~   Add half the hot stock and the dry bread and bring to a simmer. 
~   Stir in the cream, taste and season then cover and set aside till needed.
~   To serve reheat and dilute as required with more stock. 

This freezes very well and also makes a great stuffing for mushrooms!

I bought some Mayan Gold Potatoes the other day, I’ve never tried them before but it said on the bag that they were ideal for roasting and indeed they are.  I did them in goose fat the way we all do these days and they were Ex-cel-lent.

It’s snowing here today and looks pretty out.  Hope it lasts I fancy a drive out looking at the beauties of Northumbria in a few days and a bit of snow will make it even lovelier.  

*** I quite enjoy going to the dentist because she is a really good one and a nice lady and I never mind going to see her – Fawdon Dental Practice if anyone’s interested.  I am having a crown fitted so even though the numbness wore off after a while the inside of my mouth don’t ‘arf feel funny.

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