Eating in the sun!

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A Nibbling of Peanuts Roasted in their Shells
Cheddar, Chilli & Mayonnaise on Toast
A bottle of Amstel Light
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

We are very limited, so far as food is concerned, on the boat.  A combination of no car, only a little local shop nearby, the natural food limitations of a small island and the fact that although we have a perfectly good working fridge we prefer to save all our electricity for the computer (our only means of communication - Skype) and lights; we prefer to buy ice instead.

American Bacon

A few days ago we bought some bacon – American bacon, I love it.  Only one or two dry cured bacons I’ve had in England come close.  It is pretty streaky with a sweet smoky taste.  It doesn’t have any of that horrid white muck that leaks from a lot of bacon in the UK when you cook it and it comes up really crisp and crumbly. 

Last night’s dinner was Jacket Potatoes with lots of butter plus crispy bacon.  This morning I made French toast which I fried in the bacon fat and served with maple syrup.  This made me grin. 

For lunch my darling had a hot baguette filled with … yeah, bacon and grated cheese and I had chilli, cheesey, mayonnaisey goo on “toast: the toast actually being bread fried in bacon fat.  Lovely.

I’m so glad I can cook!  If I couldn’t be creative with a few ingredients we could easily get bored but so far so good.  I might buy something else in a few days or perhaps ... just more bacon.

For dessert we had a few squares of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. Having sung the praises of American bacon I am now going to pooh pooh their chocolate which is mainly what is available here.  Generally speaking it is not great to say the least, even Cadbury’s is made under license to Hershey’s.  I have no idea why American chocolate is poor; surely they have lush grazing for their cattle and access to the same cocoa markets as European chocolatiers.  To be fair they do realise their shortcomings in the chocolate department.  I have sometimes seen American recipes specifying the use of “imported chocolate” for best results.  This being the case I brought a stash of British Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with us to sustain us for the next couple of months.  Its not easy spending the winter in the Caribbean I can tell you!

Here’s one for you Debs!

We ate lunch in the cockpit (it’s pretty tatty so no photo!); we don’t usually but the boat was pointing in such a direction that we were in shade. 

I didn't have lovely Spicy Hot V8 Juice as I thought it would clash (or something) with the chilli in the cheese mixture.  I had Amstel Light which I drink a fair bit of whilst out here and I joke that this is because it is weak and pissy.  Half of this joke is true – it is light and refreshing, low in alcohol and therefore calories so I can drink quite a bit without getting drunk or fat(ter).  
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debra pike said...

what a good idea!don't drink too much of the gives you the shits..!!!thanks for the photo you sod..

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog Suzy! Looks like you're having a lovely time over there. Not jealous at all! See ya when you get back. xxx Lucie @ The Tred

Suzy - SuddenLunch said...

Hi Lucie - looks like you had not too bad a winter either! See you for a Rattler in April. xxx