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 (Leftover) Panko Crusted Basa on Toast
Spicy Hot V8

Such a wild night last night – wind gusting to over 50 mph. The boat was heeling and veering about and the wind generator was humming like a bastard – it does that if it has to work hard.  Despite this I slept reasonably well – I am always surprised waking up after a windy night to find I have slept well whilst being rocked (to say the least) violently from side to side. 

Breakfast was a little strange, unintentionally; Curried Marmite on Toast!   Usually I do “toast” in a pan on the stove to avoid having to light the grill.  Unfortunately the pan had not been adequately washed and so infused the toast with a curry aroma.  Nevertheless I continued with the marmite plan and it was fine, just unusual.

Incidentally ...

American ovens often have their grill at floor level.  I once asked an American why this is and he told me it is because they like to watch their wives bend over in the morning!

Today’s lunch was yesterday’s Panko Crusted Basa which I had leftover from brunch.  I simply broke the fish into piece,s fried it up in a little (you guessed it) bacon fat and served  on toast with a touch of salad and a spoonful of chilli mayonnaise.  Still too much and I still couldn’t finish it.  I am pathetic but economical.  
I spent most of yesterday making pasta with my friend Lynne and, happily, going out for brunch was part of the process.  Here is the recipe together with the most complicated and time consuming instructions given in italics …

Fresh Pasta

230g plain flour
1 heaped tsp salt
1 large egg
1 (heaped! according to Lynne) tablespoon olive oil

~   Mix together the flour and salt in a large bowl.
~   Make a well in the middle and break the egg into it,
~   Add the heaped (maybe generous would be more appropriate) tablespoon of oil.
~   Using a fork or a small whisk break the egg yolk and whisk the oil and egg together gradually working in the flour from the edge until it starts to hold together, adding a little more water now and then as necessary to form a soft sticky ball of dough.
~   Knead the dough for ages, 10 minutes minimum, adding a touch more flour now and then till it is smooth and elastic.
~   Cover the bowl (with the dough still in it, of course!) and set aside whilst you enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee.
~   Return to the dough and knead for quite a while more, then set aside again and go out for brunch.
~   After several hours but whilst still relatively sober return once more to the dough.
~   Divide the ball into three for easy manoeuvering and, one a time, roll the dough out very thinly.
~   Form into whatever shapes you like and then hang up to dry somewhere!
~   Drink cocktails till the pasta feels crusty to the touch.
~   Place gently in a container and keep in the refrigerator till needed.

Et voila ... here it is drying in the lovely warm tropical air!


Whilst waiting for the pasta to dry and drinking cocktails we also tasted a couple of Lynne’s nasturtiums; fiery hot and horseradishy.  They’d be great in a rare beef salad but I didn’t have one about me at the time.

Just before I ate it!

On Saturday I went to the annual Farmers Week show.  Unfortunately, despite considerable faffing about including eating a lovely cake for breakfast and going to a yard sale we were too early for it to be in full swing. No local food cooked up for us to sample but there were quite a few stalls selling local produce and a lot of animals to talk to.


Clockwise - Sugar cane, cacao, mango, papaya and (the tops of) pineapples, bananas, dwarf and normal coconuts.

I’d not seen the pretty golden coconuts before and learned that they are from dwarf coconut trees.   Lo and behold, shortly after leaving the show I saw some growing.  Pretty, convenient and safe in that they are not so likely to fall on your hear unless you are particularly stubborn.  I don't know if they taste any different but will let you know if I find out.


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Design Wine and Dine said...

That basa sandwich (the one where you fried the leftover fish in bacon fat...I just had to type out "bacon fat" b/c I love it so) looks so mouth watering good I can hardly stand it! Chili Mayo...toast....I want it for dinner this second!

Suzy - SuddenLunch said...

The trouble with bacon fat is that it is such a tease - if you have it in the fridge it never lets you forget about it!