A Sudden Breakfast

Sometimes it is hard to find a crust to eat on this boat!

Breakfast, however, went fine due a sudden epiphany I had whilst making my Real Man’s porridge.  At first I had thought to have Nothing for breakfast when suddenly, staring vacantly at some cold leftover coffee I thought ...

Coffee French Toast!

I tried three versions, somewhat by accident  …

1.  I made normal French Toast substituting the coffee for the milk and cream in the original recipe.  Conclusion – I forgot to add sugar!!

2.  I did the same again with sugar.  Conclusion – better but not very coffee-ish.  (As a quasi bonus, making this second batch, I also found myself with a small coffee omelette having poured the dregs of the soaking mixture into the pan).      
3.  Without much faith, to try and up the coffee flavour, I tried just soaking the bread in neat sweetened coffee (no egg) and the result was yummy – soft in the middle but crisp round the edges.

Coffee Infused Toast

cool leftover but delicious coffee
sugar to taste
a few drips of pure vanilla essence
sliced bread – stale if you like

~   Stir together the sugar, coffee and vanilla till the sugar has dissolved.
~   Soak the bread in the coffee a few minutes, turning to coat completely.  Don’t leave in the coffee too long or it will fall apart.
~   Melt a little butter and fry the bread till crisp, at least around the edges, on both sides.
~   Drain on kitchen paper.
~   Grate chocolate over and serve – preferably with more coffee, only fresh and hot this time.

A few variations I've thought of ...

~    Drizzle with chocolate sauce instead of the grated chocolate.
~    Make a chocolate sandwich and soak in coffee before frying.
~    Add rum, or similar, to the coffee.
~    All the above at the same time!

Walk and plodge  as good as ever (have I mentioned how Utterly Fabulous the weather is just now?  I think it’s the sort of weather they have in heaven).  The beach was, of course, lovely ...


… as were some of its inhabitants …


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