Fried Green Tomatoes on Yacht Carapace

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Fried Green Tomatoes with Boursin
Spicy Hot V8
A handful of Grapes
Our friends, Bob & Roberta, left the island a few days ago and the old adage is true – you can’t take it with you.  Among the things they didn’t take with them were their tomato plants so, as instructed, I helped myself to a few green ones.  Unfortunately one of the buggers ripened overnight!

When I used to chef out here I had a “supplier”; a guy down the road from who brought me bags of homegrown green tomatoes, all different shapes and sizes from tiny cherry tomatoes to huge marmande.  

I would coat them in panko crumbs, fry till crisp and serve with crumbled feta cheese and fresh hot chilli.  I made the most of the different tomatoes by cutting in slices, and wedges and arranging them to show off their shapes and the fact that they were different varieties – they used to look lovely.  I felt sure I had a photo somewhere in this computer but I can’t find it.  Just one of my old daily specials menus …

One of the wait staff didn’t like the way I had worded the dish; she felt it implied that we killed and cooked our customers! 

Today I didn’t faff about much, I did use the ripened tomato as well as the green and, you know, I’m glad I did.  It was extra pleasant tasting a tart and tangy slice and then a sweeter one.  Of course I had a limited choice of accompaniments but managed admirably with some Boursin and toast. 

Fried Green Tomatoes

firm green tomatoes
salt and pepper (and/or other sprinkly seasonings of your choice)
olive oil or, you know … bacon fat

~   Slice the tomatoes thinly.
~   Season and coat with the flour, or coat in seasoned flour – I put the flour and seasonings in a mixing bowl, added the sliced tomatoes and gave them a damn good shaking.
~   Shallow fry in a little oil till crisp and brown in places on both sides.
~   Drain on paper towel and eat.

Breadcrumbs, cornmeal and panko crumbs all make admirable coatings too but flour is fine.  My lunch was lovely, as ever.

Our boat - Carapace ...


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Chrissy C said...

Yummy! I love fried green tomatoes. Bacon fat makes them so tasty! Bacone does that with everything.