Sudden Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

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Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash
Amstel Light

At first I was a bit discombobulated lunch-wise today but luckily I found a bit of cold sweet potato lurking in the cool box and I was sorted.

I was already cooking bacon (yes, the yummy American kind) and red onions for my darling’s burger (he’s a Real Man) so I cooked a little extra for me.  

I then fried the sweet potato in the bacon fat, mashing it a bit, added the onions and crispy bacon and a little hot sauce.  I was a little dubious about it (see picture - not terribly prepossessing) but in fact it was a fine combination of tastes and textures; soft, chewy, crunchy, sweet, salt, hot, caramelised etc.  Another winner for Suzy Bowler – yay, woohoo and so on and so forth.


The day before yesterday’s lunch menu …

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Feta, Blackberry & Salty Nut Salad
Raspberry Dressing
Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Soda

Wednesday was hard work (for someone accustomed to laying in the sun reading) but pleasant.  I went to town with a couple of friends, shopping.  The main town (romantically named Road Town) here is not quite the image one has of going to town and the shopping was in any case, food and drink, mainly stocking up my friends quirky bar and eating place; Dove Love.

Dove Love - quirky!

Of course I’m not so feak and weeble that shopping is too much for me but the poor girl has to lug everything up a small hill and a flight of stairs and even with the three of us it took 5 trips. 

Once everything was sorted she fixed us lunch – mixed salad leaves, including spinach and rocket (which is, of course, called arugula here after the American influence), tossed with salted almonds, pecans and macadamias, blackberries and crumbled feta and then a raspberry dressing.  An unlikely but delicious combination and one that I intend using in the autumn when the lanes of Cornwall are overrun with blackberries.   We washed it down with a lovely vodka, cranberry soda and felt reasonably virtuous about the whole meal. 


I’m really going to miss my friends in the B.V.I. (although looking forward to seeing the ones in the UK) – you know who you are.  Still almost 3 weeks to go so no time to get maudlin yet.

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James and Maggie said...

So you're coming back in 3 weeks time, I had no idea, my Mrs. don't tell me nuffin'! Jim