We’ve got new neighbours – and they’re coloured!

Just had a lovely girly lunch at my friend Sharon’s house – tomato, cucumber and cheese salad with gorgeous fresh basil, hot rolls, a spicy bean soup and a many fruits fruit salad with a tad of Cointreau in it, then coffee.  

Her house, which her partner Mike made all his own clever self, is wonderful – perfect for a hot climate, full of character and interest.

I was even more than normally grateful to be fed so well because I haven’t cooked much in the past couple of days, the reason being we ran out of gas and as we are a couple of miles from the gas purveyors and have no car we just ate bread and, you know, tinned tuna till we could borrow one.

So instead of a foodie post here are just some pics of Tortola to make you jealous and me “homesick” once I get back to Cornwall (which I also really like, by the way!)

So firstly, our new neighbours …

They have taken up residence on the salt pond near us and we are delighted – lovely pink colour.

Next a few pics of the Trellis Bay area which, among other things, is the home of Aragorn’s Studio.  He is the talented guy who makes the lovely fireballs.

And lots of other stuff too.

And then just a few shots from around the place …

So there you have it. You’ll probably have heard of Follow Friday and Wordless Wednesday and all those sort of things – well today is There’s-not-much-to-say-Thursday!

More foodie talk soon – toodle-pip! 

From the Future!  

I hope this blog title hasn't become politically incorrect!

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julie said...

Sounds like you had a delicious lunch! No gas? That stinks! Hopefully you'll find some fuel soon so you can get back to eating non bread and tuna items.