The Dust Bowl of the North - tiny non foodie post.

Just a few lines to say I’m kind of In Transit and will be blogging about food in a day or two. 

We drove to Cornwall from Newcastle yesterday and, on the way, saw a strange thing – the Dust Bowl of the North!  It was a very windy day (still is actually) and on the A1M in Yorkshire the soil was blowing off the fields in a thick brown fog that would suddenly close in and reduce visibility to virtually nothing.  

It was a bit nerve wracking but we got through OK, later hearing about the phenomenon on the news and that there had been several accidents.

Getting to Cornwall was made extra pleasant by our warm welcome – we are spending our first couple of nights at Number Eight, Padstow – the excellent B & B owned by our friend Carol.  Apart from her age (too young) it was like coming home to Mummy.  She had made us dinner, one each perfect to our needs and temperaments.  She sat us down and fed me a lovely light cheese omelette with a salad containing roasted peppers and asparagus.  My real man she gave cheesey topped Cottage Pie and peas.  We both had Pear Sponge and Clotted Cream and then she sent us to bed in her lovely comfy double room.  It was all just what we needed after a long and dusty drive.  Thank you Carol xx

Today I looked at my mail from the past few months - lots of exciting stuff.  I have had two articles published in Vegetarian Living (in the March edition “10 Delicious Ways with Polenta” and in April’s “10 Tasty Tear-and-Share Loaves”) and it was good to see them in the flesh, together with a cheque for the latter.  

I have also received quite an assortment of newly published cookbooks which I am excited to give a good old peruse.  I think I shall start with British Seasonal Food by Mark Hix as, after a sojourn in the tropics, it might be fun to eat some good old British Stuff.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

So its not all bad being back, Cornwall is lovely as ever, the hedgerows are full of primroses, there are daffodils everywhere and I’m looking forward to getting cooking, eating and writing again very soon.

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