4 Quick Lunches

Just in case you’ve been wondering if I have starved to death, not having posted for a few days. here are pictures of my last four lunches …


Mayonnaisy Cheese on Toast – now I may have mentioned this before, I eat it quite a lot.  I just mix together mayonnaise and grated Cheddar in the ratio 1:2, add anything I like - in this case red onion and freshly ground black pepper.  Spread on toast and put under the grill till bubbling and turning golden in places it makes for a fine lunch.


Just a sweet potato baked in the oven (handy hint – put some foil under it, they ooze like bastards) till tender (about 30-40 mins, they are quicker than normal potatoes) with a dollop of mayo and a little sweet chilli sauce.  Delicious.

We are back to the old Tesco bargains and so far they have done us proud.  This, for instance, is a perfectly ripe 35p avocado mashed up, spread on toast with hot sauce and Cornish sea salt.  Glass of white wine, lay in the sun …


And yesterday a salad of Sweet Chili glazed Salmon and fresh pineapple – both leftovers, honest. 

So as you can see I’ve not let myself down too badly I’ve just been busy getting sorted out and reclaiming Cornwall which, as it happens, is as lovely as ever and with amazingly good weather.  We’ve been topping up our Caribbean tans.

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