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What a gorgeous day it was yesterday – not as gorgeous as my Real Man thought (see below) but seriously lovely.  Because of this I did very little in the food/cooking/writing department.

After breakfast I was going to wash up and then get stuck in, honest, but he suggested we go for a walk which seemed far more attractive, especially where the washing up was concerned.  The lanes are full of blackthorn and we saw a few bluebells and some valerian and ….  I dunno, all sorts of stuff in flower.

Look at that sky!

We went to the beach, Porthcothan Bay, and wandered about talking to dogs and remarking on the weather when suddenly my man said he was going for a plodge (link) and then, true to his word, he did.  He looked a bit of a nancy boy skipping about in the waves holding his shorts up so they wouldn’t get wet but he soon dispelled this impression by stripping off down to his nix and going swimming!  I’ll reiterate April 10th, England, swimming in the sea with no wetsuit, real man!!! 

When we came back I really fancied a pizza but didn't have time to make my lovely easy pizza dough, even though it is very easy.  


Instead I used my old fallback dough that I use for everything.  I used it for the dumplings in the Mince and Dumplings the other day.  It is basically a scone dough but is equally good for dumplings, doughnuts, American biscuits, English biscuits, griddle cakes, rock buns, doughnuts, cobblers, turnovers and flatbreads.  It's so useful I wrote a book about it ~ The Secret Life of Scones.

To be frank, however, it’s nothing like a pizza base but that doesn’t mean it isn't good topped with pizza type toppings.  So I made the dough and then what? 

No tomato stuff so I spread it with the end of a jar of caramelised red onions I had in the fridge, then some mozzarella that needed using up and lastly a few wafer thin slices of parma ham.  A few minutes in a hot oven and there was my delicious sudden lunch.  My real man had bread and cheese.  

In the evening we went for a short walk out to the cliffs at Bedruthan Steps just because we can – we are so lucky!

It was a little hazy last night (must have been a heat haze) but you get the gist.

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briarrose said...

Lovely pics. Pizza in any form always hits the spot for me...even when the base is something usual. :)