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Chicken & Green Chilli Fritters
White Wine Spritzer

We had a roast chicken for dinner last night.  My manly chap had a leg, a wing, sausage meat, homemade bacon stuffing, my own rich and luxurious bread sauce, new potatoes, cabbage, carrots, green beans, leeks and gravy.  He like eating.  I had a little breast meat, new potatoes and salad with light mayonnaise and I’m not even trying to lose weight!  I’m just crazy, like that!  Also I prefer a lighter sort of meal.

Today we still have most of the chicken left so he is having the same dinner again tonight and so might I, who knows.

For lunch today however I made myself some chicken and green chilli fritters (or cakes) using my “wet bread method”.  Sounds tempting doesn’t it!

There are lots of ways to make fish/chicken/meat cakes; breadcrumbs, potato, a panada (thick béchamel/white sauce) etc. and they are all good in different ways.  Wet bread is good because it is so quick and easy yet makes for a moist middle and a crisp outside. 

Chicken and Green Chilli Fritters serves 1

I used Tesco’s Mediterranean bread which will add an extra nuance of flavour but use whatever you’ve got.

75 g finely chopped cooked chicken
40g bread soaked in cold water or, even better, cold chicken stock
½ tsp puréed green chilli pickle sludge – see Storecupboard for details  or other hot spicy condiment
1 heaped tsp mayonnaise
olive oil for frying

~   When the bread is completely soaked, 5-10 minutes, use your hands to squeeze it out as dryly as possible. 
~   Mix the squozen bread with the rest of the ingredients.
~   Taste and season but chilli pickle being so ace I doubt it needs anything else.
~   Form into 2 cakes and flatten to little rounds.
~   No need to coat in flour just shallow fry in a little olive oil till crisp on both sides.


As you can see I ate this with a few leaves and also with some chicken skin that I had crisped up in the oven to make a pretty, pretty delicious and unhealthy garnish.  Kind of makes up for last night.  I also partook of a spritzer as one does.
In Other News

It is, as you know, a bank holiday weekend and mostly the weather has acted accordingly.  Nevertheless there are an inordinate number of people camping here despite the difficulties …


I don’t know if you can even make out this picture of people putting their tent up or maybe taking it down or perhaps just ripping the damn thing to shreds so they needn't go camping again.  Sometimes I wonder why people bother but then I think if I lived in a city (and I am a Londoner so know what its like) I would probably be glad of a stint in Cornwall whatever the weather.  Anyhoo the sun is coming out now.


Anonymous said...

squozen!thats a good word!pity the pictures of the campers wasn't a bit clearer i know the window was probably fogged up by your breath as you were laughing!poor sods!(snigger!)

Greedy Rosie said...

I rate the wet bread method too, but I really hate doing it. I think I need a method like a potato ricer - but softer, probably - to make it 'squozen' for me without having to handle it!

Unknown said...

Now I am just hungry reading this !!