Easy Cheese Straws from Pastry Scraps

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I made a chicken pie for my real men yesterday using the standard cheat – bought in puff pastry.  Obviously I kept the trimmings and today, whilst they were out and I could eat them all myself, I made some cheese straws. 

Handy Hint for Storing Puff Pastry Scraps

As I may have said before the best way to store puff pastry trimmings is to stack rather than munge them so as to retain the layers in the dough …

Cheese Straws

~   Roll out puff pastry scraps on a very lightly floured but rather heavily cheesed board – scattered in this case with a mixture of grated Cornish Crackler and Gran Padano,
~   Roll the pastry to “quite thin” (technical term),
~   Sprinkle more cheese on top,
~   Fold into three and re-roll,
~   Cut the dough into long strips, twist them into spirals and put onto a greased baking tray.
~   Chill till needed.
~   Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/180C fan/gas 6.                ~   Brush the straws with milk and sprinkle with crunchy sea salt  and a little more cheese,
~   Bake till risen and golden and melty and crisp and gorgeous.

I ate the straws with a modicum of Roasted Tomato Soup I made from some sad tomatoes I found lurking in the fridge.

We've had loads of rain recently but did manage to sup a few beers (well, cider in my case) a couple of days ago in our favourite pub garden at the St. Kew Inn at … St. Kew coincidentally.


Jenny Eatwell said...

In the extremely rare situation of having some leftover pastry, I really must remember to do this! It's so obvious and so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Could I prep my cheese straws then freeze raw?