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Quinoa Stir Fry
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Some while ago I wrote about what a revelation it was eating quinoa for the first time at my friends’ house – you might remember; their toaster caught fire and had to be hosed down in the garden.  Well the other day I bought some.

I’ve never cooked it before but I read the instructions in my own earlier post (!) and it worked a treat. 

My New Year’s resolution this year was to follow the Up a Day Down a Day Diet which I immediately stopped doing!
I’m giving it another go, I know it works as I’ve done it successfully in the past.  If you read my relevant post you will see that every other day, at first, one is only allowed 500 calories and quinoa fits into this quite well a reasonable portion being about 150 calories.  This being the case a few days ago I had quinoa topped with a few dry roasted tomatoes and some herbs and spices and really enjoyed it.  A lot a flavour can really help when not eating much!

The next down day I had quinoa topped with rich lamby red wine gravy leftover from the lamb shanks the night before, it really is a great vehicle for delicious sauces.


And today, an up day, I have had a small stir fry of a little leftover quinoa with other stuff that I had laying about the kitchen.  Interesting stuff, it was, as I am in the process of writing a Christmas article which includes braised red cabbage and toasted nuts.

Quinoa & Other Delicious Things Stir Fry

½ tbsp olive oil
1 small red onion
A tad of garlic

A cup (oops, I’ve gone all American) or thereabouts of cooked quinoa
Anything delicious and appropriate you may have available – eg. braised red cabbage, a few broccoli florets, 2 snap peas and some roasted nuts
~   Cook the onion in the olive oil a few minutes till softening.
~   Add the garlic and any other raw ingredients and cook till all rawness is gone.
~   Stir in the quinoa and the other ingredients.
~   Toss together over high heat till everything is heated through.
~   Taste and season just how you like it.

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