What's the Worst Thing you've ever Eaten?

The other day my friend Debbie asked me …

“What’s the worst thing you have ever cooked?” 

To which I said ...

“Moi!  Cook a bad thing!” 

She hastily amended her question to …

“What’s the worst thing you've ever eaten?” 

I think the worst thing I have ever eaten is:

Stinky Toe aka Pig Turd! 

This is the seed pod of the West Indian Locust tree and, the hard outer shell (the shape of a big toe so they say, apparently a really big big toe!) encloses a hairy, dry, grayish-yellow powder which smells strongly of sweaty feet.  Why, you may ask, did I eat one?  Well the girls in the kitchen dared me into it:

“C’mon, you’re interested in food, why won’t you try it?  We try white people food.”  

It is said that the stinky toe smells unbearable but tastes delicious.  I disagree, it is sweet-ish but has an unpleasant sulphurous taste and the texture is nothing like food.
I can think of nothing to do with leftover stinky toe although I have seen a recipe to make a drink from it which I shan’t bother to pass on.  Yuk! 

Fermented Fish in Thailand

The second thing and I don’t think I've actually eaten it, just chewed on the smell, is Pla Ra which is a type of fermented fish, often something called mud fish, popular in Thailand.   
Probably if I’d had some it would be No. 1 on my list.  The smell was enough for me; it absolutely stinks although some people must like it.  

I was back packing with a husband I used to have and once when we were on a train travelling to Northern Thailand some vendors came through the carriage with great baskets of fermented fish for sale.  Rory (I’ll call him that as it’s his name) lamented that we hadn’t got enough money to buy the lot – he wanted to throw it out the window!  I cannot find a picture that does it justice.

Camel Steak

I was served a thick slice of camel meat in 1971 in Tunisia.  The meat was dry and stringy and chewy and didn't have much flavour but, for all I know, it might have just been badly cooked.  What I mainly objected to was the huge vein in the middle of the meat, about ½” across and through which I could clearly see the plate.  Most off putting and in any case who’d want to eat a fine looking chap like this?

So come on – what is the worst thing you have ever eaten?  Please leave a comment so I that I can be disgusted but please just food, nothing else, not body fluids etc.  Remember this is a food blog and we must be hygienic!

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Sudden Lunch ~ Suzy Bowler said...

Not that hygienic, all replies have been made via my Facebook group - SuddenLunch@groups.facebook.com - caviar, jellied eels, tripe, goat cheese (!), guinea pig etc. So far I win on digusterous food, I think.