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Red Wine Braised Chorizo
Nubbly Toast
Glass of Red

Today’s lunch was not 100% sudden.  Looking for something to eat yesterday I found about 2” (50mm) of chorizo skulking in the back of the fridge the way sausages do and, having read in “Comfort & Spice” by Niamh Shields of Chorizo in Cider, was inspired.  

Sadly I had no cider so thought I’d try the same thing with red wine.  The thing is I felt in my heart of hearts that something creamy would be a boon to the dish so deferred the meal 24 hours and bought some Boursin.

Chorizo in Red Wine

Today I went for it.  I finely diced half a small red onion and cooked it with a wincy bit of garlic till tender in 1 tbsp olive oil.  I added the chorizo, sliced about this thick [  ], and cooked till its fat was running.  I poured over about 1½ glugs of red wine (45ml) and decided it was ready when it had almost evaporated.  

Hot nubbly toast and a goodly dollop of Boursin completed the picture – well worth waiting for.  I’ll try the cider version in the Spring, too foggy just now.

Another good day’s eating under my belt as it happens because dinner tonight was Confit of Duck with Roasted Butternut Squash.  No photo of because I haven’t got the hang of taking pics under artificial light.  Must try harder.  I did do a very sudden and wonderful thing, however, which I think I should I’d pass on. 

Whilst I was roasting the squash I felt it needed a little something so when it was almost done I stirred in a spoonful of Spicy Red Onion Marmalade from The Cherry Tree and put it back in the oven for another few minutes.  Gorgeous to say the least! 

Incidentally the other day I was in St. Austell as is often the way with me and popped in to see Ally at Nature Kitchen her wonderful spice and interesting food in general shop.  

As I’ve said before she sells a wonderful range of stuff: bean curd, banana leaves, halved coconuts and I don’t know what all recently delivered.  It’s a friendly sort of place – everyone welcome …

I fancy myself as quite good with leftovers – see what I come up with by following my Pinterest Board. 
PS.  Bugger me if I haven’t discovered that Chorizo in Red wine is a “classic” tapas dish.

I fancy myself as quite good with leftovers – see what I come up with by following my Pinterest Board Leftover Food ~ Delicious Ideas.

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