Sorting out the Fridge and Eating!

As you probably know my computer committed suicide about a week ago and what a time to go!  My real men were on a trip Up North and I had intended to make good use of my time alone writing lots of articles and stuff and generally sorting out all my notes, pics and documents.  No such luck!  

I just hope someone somewhere sometime can get access to my hard drive for me.  In the meantime I did a bit of sorting out the fridge and eating.  

~   Panko Crusted Avocado – pretty good actually, just sliced avocado floured, egged, crumbed and fried to crisp.  I had this with Tesco’s Finest Whole Cherry Tomato & Chilli Sauce which I use for so many things.
~   Cream Tea Bread Pudding for One (me) – I found an old scone in the fridge and some out of date (but I use my nose and brain rather than best before dates) clotted cream. My real man had  bought me some strawberries to enjoy in his absence so I layered up the sliced scone, sugared strawberries and clotted cream, whisked up an egg, sugar and milk and made this …

~   Chorizo Roasted Potatoes – I’m having a bit of a “thing” about chorizo so just tossed together some par-boiled potatoes, thinly sliced said spicy sausage, olive oil and roasted the mixture till bits of it were crisp.  Delicious with roasted tomatoes, crunchy sea salt and a couple of fried eggs.

~   Jerk Cheese (!) on Toast – this was a cheese oddity that my darling picked up somewhere for my delectation.  It was fine actually; sort of tomatoey strong cheddar with a slight spiciness which I would not have associated with the famous Jamaican dish.

~   Leftover Porridge Hotcakes, Leftover Porridge & and Leftover Porridge & Dried Cherry Muffins … and so on. (ideas for leftover porridge here).


~   Roasted Butternut Squash with Baked Tortilla Scraps – I love butternut squash, red onion and a spot of chilli roasted together.  Usually I have this on pizza but finding a pack of tortilla wraps that seemed to be stuck together I prised a few pieces off, brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt and baked them till crisp.  They were good with the squash in lieu of a pizza base.

I love leftovers and have lots more ideas on my Pinterest board ...

Leftover Food ~ Delicious Ideas

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