“Christmas Miniatures – finger food and tiny treats” by Australian Women's Weekly - review

Quick – get this book!

Any minute now Australian Women’s Weekly are publishing a lovely little book “Christmas Miniatures – finger food and tiny treats” (thank you so much for my review copy) which I urge you to buy asap. The sooner you get it the sooner you can start planning what to make as gifts and what to cook for the upcoming festive season; there’s lots to choose from.

I used to collect Australian Women’s Weekly years ago and have cooked and sold many a fine dish based on their recipes.  Becoming nomadic I stopped collecting cookbooks (or anything really) but now, having settled down in order to practice for my dotage, I’ve started again and am glad to see that AWW are as good as ever and to add this book to my budding new collection.

“Christmas Miniatures” gives over 50 recipes for nibbly treats divided between …

~   Cocktail Food with a subsection entitled No Fuss Finger food.  This section concerns savoury nibbles such as Vodka-Cured Gravlax, Sticky Glazed Pork with Pineapple and so on and so forth – lovely stuff!

~   Little Pies and Tarts

~   Little Cakes & Pudding

~   Biscuits and Slices

~   Chocolates and Sweets including a subsection on sweet gifts.

There are, of course, some of the things one would expect in such a book; miniature Christmas puds, a few weeny versions of mince pies, including an Eccles cake version, and chocolatey delights but there are surprises too; Stained Glass Biscotti being one and Gingerbread Christmas Trees another – lovely presentation.  In fact quite a few of these tiny treats are not only good enough to eat they are pretty enough to hang on the tree first.

The book is illustrated with some great photos, one per recipe, so you know what you are aiming for and in the back are some conversion charts and a useful glossary.  The relevant details are “Christmas Miniatures” is published (on Monday!) by Octopus Books through their imprint Australian Women’s Weekly and is available here from Amazon, the ISBN numbers are ISBN-10: 1742450881, ISBN-13: 978-1742450889

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debs said...

ive got a large collection of aus womens weekly cookbooks and i use them alot..