Sudden Christmas Leftovers!

Well, that’s over!  Phew – I’m stuffed!

My real man, whilst not an adventurous eater, is certainly an enthusiastic one and has made sure that we are stocked to the eaves with food.  This means there are leftovers but, luckily, I know what to do with them – here, with the exception of turkey!!!, are some ideas ….


~   Spread into turkey sandwiches.

~   Use to sauce pasta together with shreds of turkey and sprinkle with crisply fried stuffing crumbs.

~   Use to enrich soup.

~   Add a spoonful to mushrooms on toast.

~   Heat and serve as a sophisticated “dipping gravy” for chunks of bread.


~   Form into patties and fry till crisp – served topped with poached eggs!
~   Crumble and fry till crisp then sprinkle onto turkey soup.
~   Add to bubbly ‘n’ squeaky type stuff.
~   Add to turkey sarnies, of course.
~   Use as a filling in vegetables – eg. baked squash, onions, etc.


~   Mix into softened ice cream together with a little (and I do mean a little otherwise the ice cream will be too soft) brandy and refreeze.  Actually you can use crushed mince pies with this, the pastry adds texture.
~   Add to apples and make a Christmas Crumble.
~   Spread onto pastry, roll up Swiss roll fashion, slice and bake for Mincemeat Palmiers,

Cranberry Sauce

~   Swirl through cake, pancake or muffin batter.
~   Serve in a bacon and/or turkey and Brie sandwich.
~   Stir into yogurt.
~   Warm with a little orange zest and juice for a great pancake or ice cream syrup.
~   Add to fruit pies and crumbles.

Christmas Pud

~   Fry slices in butter and serve with clotted cream (or cream or ice cream).
~   Crumble and heat with some or all of the following: brandy/rum, butter, orange juice, ginger syrup, brown sugar etc. for a delicious ice cream sauce.  OR
~   Make easy no-churn Christmas Pudding Ice Cream with the above sauce.

  Christmas Pud Muffins ...

1 tbsp brandy
100g leftover pud
125g fl
1 tsp BP
50g light brown sugar
40g softened butter

~   Preheat oven to 350ºF/180ºC/160°C fan/gas 4.
~   Mix all the ingredient to a lumpy batter.
~   Divide between 8 muffin cups.
~   Bake for 10-15 minutes till ready.

Brandy Butter

~   Spread on hot toast, crumpets etc.


~   Toss in seasoned oil and roast till crunchy.  Cool completely, store airtightly and serve with salads and as nibble etc.

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Christmas Parties UK said...

Great ideas's making me feel quite hungry reading your leftover suggestions! I love the idea of breaking up mince pies and mixing with ice cream...mmmm nom nom nom!