Famous One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

We were “lucky” enough to buy 10 bananas for 57p the other day.   I say “lucky” like that because, as I have mentioned before, I am bananaphobic.  The only good thing about bananas is how excellent they look when growing.

bananas growing in our garden in the BVI

In my quest, however, to tackle every possible leftover situation I thought I’d experiment with freezing the buggers.  This was mainly because I have seen a lot on the internet about One Ingredient Ice Cream so I made this …
banana ice cream

It is so simple!

All I did was peel and slice a banana (not too thick – about 6mm) and freeze it.  I then ran it through the processor and it went sort of broken up and granular and then smooth and creamy although, sadly, still tasted like bananas!  I believe, however, that this can be disguised to a certain extent by adding other flavourings – e.g. how about a bit of instant coffee and/or some rum, or chocolate sauce or crispy bacon (yes, bacon), or vanilla extract, or whatever you fancy.

Slices of frozen banana can also be snacked on straight out of the freezer, perhaps dunked in melted chocolate as you eat them, or used in smoothies or larger pieces can be coated in chocolate once frozen to make banana choc ices. 

chocolate coated fried bananas

Or just mash bananas and freeze for later use in banana bread, cakes, muffins, pancakes etc.  Add a little lemon juice so stop discolouration and store in smallish amounts rather than one bloody great lump.

So my real man has had a bit of a banana fest today (as he had to be my main tester) but not to be outdone I did a small apple experiment too.   

fried apple turnovers and cream

I had a spoonful of cooked Bramley apples and some pastry scraps so cheered myself up with a fried apple turnover I been meaning to attempt for some while.

Just fold the pastry around the apple, seal and fry in a mixture of butter and oil.  I am Very Pleased with this; instant and cheap gratification.  Instead of pre-heating the oven and baking for 30 minutes or so I had delicious apple pie within minutes and the pastry was lovely fried instead of baked. 

Talking of being pleased and completely off subject I just wanted to share something that makes me grin every time I see it; the cover of a bargain diary I have recently bought.

seize the afternoon


Jenny Eatwell said...

Wow - this is just so amazing! Amazing because my hubby has just been experimenting with exactly that form of ice cream. He first did a banana, rum & raisin - which was gorgeous. He's now got intentions of doing a banana and mango (using an e-chuffing-normous can of mango pulp). Either we are living on the same latitude, or there's something in the water. LOL

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Sadly I can't try the ice cream but rum and raising sounds spot on!