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Honeyed Stilton on Toast
Glass of Dessert Wine
(can’t remember exactly what!)
Strawberry Flan & Clotted Cream

A funny thing happened to me this morning.  I got up as usual and was just drinking my coffee when all of a sudden I was struck by an unfamiliar sensation - I felt like doing housework!  

So I cleaned out the fridge and below is a list of what I found and what I did or am going to do with it.
leftover cucumber

~   ½ a cucumber – I'll pickle it and then it will last for ages and be delicious in salads, see my Pickled Cucumber recipe here (incidentally this is  one of my most popular posts because of the Rumpot recipe therein)

~   2 packs cheap strawberries so I made a flan (English flan, not American where “flan”, indefinite article, means a sort of egg custard) with a sponge base I had laying around in the freezer.   My real man is chuffed!

~   a small bowl of cooked rice
~   a few salmon trimmings
~   a Peas and Edamame Salad from Tesco – I shall stir fry this with the above rice, the above salmon and a spoonful of lovely spicy but sadly secret sauce that my friend Deb gave me.

~   pastry scraps – I always have these – probably cheese straws because I love ‘em, but see here for lots of idea for leftover pastry

~   a few tablespoons of cooked mince – left over from Real Man’s Mince & Dumplings  – make myself a chilli as in Chilli con a bit of Carne here.

~   a little bit of juice from cooking plums – refreshing drink with sparkling water or maybe stir into yogurt for breakfast tomorrow.

~   about an ounce of cooked ham and 1 rasher bacon – these will go into tomorrows roast chicken stuffing - homemade stuffing recipe here, you'll have to scroll down somewhat!


~   a small piece of Stilton – with this I made ...

Honeyed Stilton on Toast

This is just gorgeous; the sweet caramelised honey is a perfect foil for the sharp, salty taste of blue cheese.  Crumble Stilton, or a similar blue cheese, over toast and drizzle each slice with a teaspoon or two of runny honey.  Bake in a hot oven for about 5 minutes till the cheese is melted and the honey is bubbly and golden. (See here for lots more cheese on toast ideas.)

blue cheese on toast with caramelised honey

~   a glass or so of dessert wine – I drank it.  What would you do?  After lunch I completely lost the urge to do housework!

glass of dessert wine

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debs said...

well you have been industrious and must have a very empty fridge!the honeyed cheese thingy is a fab idea!are you still cleaning today?me wonders what you would do if you found a peice of old toast under the sofa!?