Marmite's Very Peculiar Chocolate and 2 others

So sorry I haven’t posted for a while; my real man and I have been romantically sharing a bout of ‘flu.  Sadly the experience was somewhat marred for me by some very scary chocolate lurking on my bedside cabinet and looking at me  …


Marmite Very Peculiar Chocolate

As the many hundreds of avid readers of this blog may remember I have been looking for this very peculiar chocolate for some while and eventually found a bar in, of all places, Miss Selfridge. Until today, however, I have not felt strong enough physically, mentally or emotionally to try it.  

However, having at last tasted a bit here are my thoughts …

~    There was nothing to be scared of.
~    On opening the pack I was surprised (I’m not very observant) to find milk chocolate.  I had just assumed that Marmite would be paired with dark chocolate and perhaps the colour of the wrapper may have encouraged me in this delusion.
~   A Marmity whiff exited the packet on first opening.    
~   With my first piece I could taste very little but the bar is slim (to put it politely) and the squares are small,  I then shoved in 3 squares together and could taste medium quality milk chocolate with tiny salty crystals which certainly went well with the chocolate but I could not in truth say tasted of Marmite.
~   The 100g bar of chocolate cost £3 and I think you can get either a lot more or lot better chocolate for this amount of money.  On the other hand it is an interesting and by no means unpleasant novelty and I might take some back to the islands next time I go; frighten some Americans who are notoriously Marmiteophobic.  ( *** I urge you to see below for another brilliant phobia.)

2 Other Peculiar Chocolates

This morning, it being Easter, I gave my darling a little something in the chocolate department …


I only bought it for him because he is a joiner and good at construction but, having read the warning on the packet, he decided to just eat the contents of the flat pack un-assembled. Probably he is not the only one as it says this on the packet ...
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The makers of the amazing Flat Pack Chocolate Easter EggTM offer no warranty either explicitly or implied as to the success of your endeavours when attempting to assemble this product.  As you can imagine, working with chocolate is not easy and requires a high level of skill.  Therefore your chances of complete the task to a satisfactory standard a rem in a word, slim.  We've never managed it.
A third bar of chocolate that deserves a mention here is one that my sister gave me to eat on the bus back from my visit to her on Mersea Island.


This one reads  ...
“Get a triple feel good hit from the coffee, white chocolate and ark chocolate! Don’t blame us if you can’t sleep at night, however!”

This is very yummy, the contrasting white and dark chocolates are made even deliciouser by little crunchy bits of what may well be instant coffee granules.  No offence, if I am mistaken, whatever they are I approve!


***  My niece Holly recently delighted me with news of a phobia, Anatidaephobia I think its called, which is the fear that wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing a duck is watching you!  

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Hopefully now I am back on my feet I shall be creating some leftovers soon and will let you know what then ensues.


Jenny Eatwell said...

The knowledge of Anatidaephobia has been with this family for some time, as hubby is convinced of it's veracity. Not veracity of the fact that the phobia exists - that is quite obvious from the fact that it has been given a name. No, veracity of the fact that he is quite sure there are ducks watching him at every moment. You should see how nervous he gets, when traversing the Chicken/Duck/Fowl aisle at the local supermarket. Oh yes. LOL

Hubby bought me a bar of Marmite chocolate for Christmas one year. I liked it!

debs said...

love the duck!so funny!as for the chocolate with marmite,well.... but i really fancy the one with the coffee granules!

Sudden Lunch ~ Suzy Bowler said...

Debs you have made the right choice but the Marmite chocky is by no means unpleasant ~ it is worth eating.

Choclette said...

I haven't managed to find any of the Marmite chocolate either - sounds as though it should be tried for novelty value, but it might just be a one off by the sound of it!