One Tomato makes Two Lunches!

Yesterday …
Uber Tomato Sandwich filled with Boursin Mayonnaise
Nubbly Toast
Secret Red
Today ...
Fried Red Tomatoes with Flowers of Scotland
More Secret Red

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This was no ordinary tomato, this was a Tesco’s Finest tomato.

I've been Googling to try and find out what kind of tomato this is.  My brain is telling me Marmande but it’s been known to be wrong before and I wanted to check.  All I can find out is that it is “an Heirloom tomato”, I’d like to know more - any ideas?

For yesterday’s lunch I made myself a tomato sandwich of sorts, filling it with Boursin softened with mayonnaise which I can tell you tastes very good indeed. I ate some nubbly toast with it, quaffed some wine and wondered about the rest of the tomato as I’d only used 2 slices.

By today I had come up with a plan ...

 Fried Red Tomatoes (based very closely on Fried Green Tomatoes)  but I couldn’t be bothered with flouring and egging so as I was making my Real Man a boiled ham and pease pudding sarnie (in truth about half a baguette) I dunked the tomato slices in the ham broth to help the panko crumbs stick and it worked a treat.

herby sprinkle
What’s the blue stuff?

I imagine it is borage.  I have had a jar of something in the corner of the cupboard for about a year and occasionally I spot it and think “hmm”.  This happened this morning so I decided to get it out and investigate – it is some kind of seasoning containing Scottish flowers so I had myself a sprinkle.  Slightly spicy, slightly salty, very pretty!  

If  you think that'must have been a big tomato - just look at this one I met in France!!

huge heirloom tomato

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Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Commenting on my own post - a friend, Laura, has directed me to various sites and now I know I have just eaten a Costoluto Fiorentino for my lunch. Twice!

Thanks Laura!

debs said...

what a very pretty tomato!we used to get things like that in portugal but i don't know what type it is either!as for the flowers of scotland..could be heather?or even harebell?never seen any thing quite like that!

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