Avocado Fritters and a Cà Phê Sữa Nóng!

panko crusted avocado fritters, salmon dip

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Panko Crusted Avocado with Spicy Salmon & Roasted Garlic Dip
White Wine Spritzer
Cà Phê Sữa Nóng!

I have just had the most wonderful lunch!  I’m usually pretty good at eating, though I say it myself as shouldn’t, but today was exceptional and totally unexpected. 

We usually take our resident old guy out for fish and chips on a Saturday but the weather being so appalling I decided to stay at home and play with food.

A series of events led up to this delicious meal …

1.     I roasted two fine heads of garlic the other day to top up my supplies.
2.    I had salmon for dinner last night.
3.    We bought a couple of ripe avocados yesterday for just 16p each.  It seems that to get them at the peak of perfection you have to wait till they are past their sell by date which suits me down to the ground, so to speak!  Of course they needed eating up and avocado is not real man food, at least not in our house.  Yesterday I ate avocado on toast with pasta sauce as one does.

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And so to lunch ...

I puréed the small pieces of salmon leftover from dinner (maybe an ounce or so in old money) with half a teaspoon of roasted garlic, a scant tablespoon of mayonnaise (Hellman’s Light) and a few drips of hot sauce.  I coated avocado wedges in seasoned flour (well seasoned because avocado is rather bland), then beaten egg and finally panko crumbs and shallow fried in a little olive oil. Crunchy sea salt and a few sprigs of fresh coriander completed my meal.  

Oh – and the white wine Spritzer of course.
I followed this, as you do, with some ...

Cà Phê Sữa Nóng

glass of vietnamese coffee

There has been half a can of condensed milk in the fridge for a while so I decided to try Cà Phê Sữa Nóng aka Vietnamese Coffee!   

It is not as exotic as one might expect being just good strong coffee mixed with condensed milk in the ratio about 3:1.

Also surprisingly delicious – surprising because I usually drink my coffee black and unsweetened yet thoroughly enjoyed this sweet milky drink.  (On a personal note – Carol, I think you might like this!)

best selling leftovers cookbook

Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers

I love cooking with leftovers, and surprising myself with what I come up with. 

I even wrote a book about it.  Originally it was called The Leftovers Handbook but a new edition, available now, is called Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers: An Inspiring A – Z of Ingredients and Delicious Ideas


Kavey said...

I adore Vietnamese coffee... hot or cold! I've had condensed milk in the house lately, left over from ice cream making, so lots of lovely coffee for me!

And have some avocados too, leftover from ice cream making and guacamole, so must try them with the breadcrumbs, sounds fab.

Iris said...

That panko crusted avocado looks sooo good!