See you later Tom!

See you later Tom x
On a personal note …

… I apologise for not having posted for a while – we have been having a sad time because my Real Man’s Dad who lives with us died about a week ago.  So as a tribute to him and because I know he was proud of it, here is a picture of him in his prime half a century ago – 6’4” of man!

The days have been a bit strange and disjointed and sometimes I have even been at a loss for what to eat but today I have eaten two interesting things so I thought I'd mention them before I forget …

Fudge on Toast

This was a sudden inspiration when I found a bit of Granny Wobbly’s Finest in the fridge – what a naughty breakfast but so yummy!

fudge on toast for breakfast

balsamic jelly and toast

Balsamic Jelly

The trouble is we haven’t done a proper shop for a while and I found myself bereft of spicy onion marmalade to go with my Cornish Crackler.  I did, however, find a jar of Baxter’s Balsamic Jelly – what a godsend.  I had completely forgotten buying it but there is was in my hour of need and I would like to recommend it.

Lovely stuff, so now I need to think of something more creative to do with it - any ideas?

So that’s it for now, I hope to be back on form with the leftovers soon.

Speaking of Leftovers ...

I have written a whole book on the subject, Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers.  In it I give all the information, ideas and recipes I can think of for over 450 possible leftovers. 

seriously useful leftovers cookbook
Read more here.


Jenny Eatwell said...

Oh Suzy, I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss. Tom was obviously a fine figure of a man - and I'm sure he has left a huge hole in your family.

My thoughts go out to you all.

s said...

Thanks Jenny x

purplestormwitch said...

RIP tom,,,what a brilliant photo!he had a good life god bless x

purplestormwitch said...

and i'm not sure that fudge on toast is acceptable!bt then again comfort food...!x