Granny Wobbly's!

I am often disconcerted, when walking through Wadebridge, to see this displayed in a window!

freshly made fudge cooling and setting

~  Menu  ~

Salmon & Asparagus Hash
Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise
White Wine Spritzer
A Tad of Granny Wobbly’s Finest

Today’s lunch was very sudden yet very satisfying.  

My leftovers comprised 3 cold cooked new potatoes, about 3 ounces (oops, sorry, I mean 85g) of cooked salmon and 4 stalks of asparagus which surprised me as I thought I’d finished the lot off yesterday.  So I made ...

Salmon & Asparagus Hash

~   I snapped the asparagus into short lengths and cooked it in a non-stick pan with a little oil, salt and pepper till al dente.  I much prefer asparagus roasted, sautéed or grilled to steamed or poached; tastier and a nice texture.  I set the asparagus aside.
~   Heated a spoonful more oil and added the new potatoes which I crushed in a manly sort of way and fried over medium heat till crunchy and golden.
~   A broke the salmon into little bits and added it to the pan together with the waiting asparagus.
~   Chivvied the whole lot into a sort of cake arrangement and decanted it onto my waiting plate.

All that and I didn’t even use a knife!!

salmon, new potatoes and asparagus hash with roasted garlic mayonnaise
(I'd like to apologise for the poor quality of this picture but you get the gist!)

The roasted garlic mayo that I have been so enthusiastic with is from M & S and I love it.  Yes I could, and indeed do, make my own but this is so delicious and handy, has a long shelf life, comes in a useful squirty bottle and doesn't upset my real man with it's garlicky aroma as it does when I make my own! I have quite a passion for it with fish and potatoes.

Granny Wobbly

I went to Wadebridge the other day.  Every time I am there I assume a vague, possibly gormless, look and wander into Granny Wobbly’s Fudge Pantry where I “test” their sample fudges and hope they don’t recognise me.  I may invest in a moustache!  Having been “surprised” at the excellence of their product I then buy some as is only right and proper.

chunks of crumbly vanilla fudge
If you haven’t tried Granny’s Wobbly’s wonderful fudge and you live anywhere near Cornwall for Gawd’s sake come and get some or order it online here.

The vanilla fudge I bought was intended for some fudgy experiments for my forthcoming book (see below) but so far I haven’t got round to trying my ideas and could hear it calling to me from the cupboard.  

“Suzy – you know you want me!”

What could I do?
A bit more about the wonderful Granny Wobbly (actually there are two of them and one is a chap!) who make, on the premises, the best fudge I have ever tasted; rich, crumbly and perfect, in five standard flavours; Vanilla, Maple and Walnut , Rum and Raisin, Butterscotch and Chocolate plus a weekly mystery flavour and other specialities.  In addition to the basic flavours I myself have assiduously tried their Lemon Meringue Fudge, their Sparkly Chocolate Mint and the Christmas Pud – some while ago now.

News From Way Into the Future!

My "Forthcoming book" was published in March 2013 as The Leftovers Handbook and a second edition is now available under the new title Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers

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Jenny Eatwell said...

I have an Aunt & Uncle in Wadebridge. I must send them on a mission for me! :)