Krumplinudli ~ and what fun being Hungarian must be!

mashing potato with a grumpy egg masher!

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Krumplinudli are mashed potato dumplings, traditionally sausage shaped, poached and coated in crunchy buttery breadcrumbs.  My sister and I used to put them on the menu a lot because they sounded funny (and tasted good, of course).

Whilst thinking about leftover mashed potato, as one does, I thought I might try making some for my lunch and, not having made them for 20 or 30 years, thought I’d just check I was on the right lines.  Googling “krumplinudli” brought up lots of pages but most were in Hungarian but it’s OK Google translated them for me and this here are some of the things I have learnt …

“Preparation of monster is actually a simple, all depends on the dose,”

“Do you have to hurry to the pedals between because if you are, you can descend, and the 'difficult to handle will be.”

“Because of the huge, with wooden kitchen table, on which long ago did these things, we rarely see”

“If you have the correct his potatoes, then "only" cooked her to be watching.”

“do not dilute your knife he bb dough”

I could go on – it must be cool living in Hungary!  

So, armed with the above information, I decided to make them up after all …


making krumplinudli from leftover mashed potato
Pin for easy reference
when you have some leftover
mashed potato!
1 medium potato, cooked and mashed with a knob of butter

1 egg
approx 120g flour (or more!)
salt and pepper
more salt
more butter
fresh breadcrumbs

~    Ideally the potatoes should be freshly cooked and mashed but … mine were a day old and also had a carrot mashed in with them!  So I reheated them.
~    Mix in the egg, some seasoning and then the flour.  You are aiming for a soft workable dough.  Add more flour till such a situation is achieved.
~    Roll the dough into snakes and cut into 50mm or so length.
~    Leave on the floured surface to dry for some while (an hour or more, although I just made about 40 minutes).
~    Boil a large pan of salted water, add the nudli to it and cook for about 5 minutes – they may well float to the surface when cooked, also they stop tasting of flour.
~    Have ready a medium hot oven. 
~    Toss your nudli in a little melted butter and then fresh breadcrumbs (guess what I sued – panko of course!) and bake till crisp and golden.

I ate them sprinkled with Parmesan and with some spicy dipping salsa, I think this idea is probably worth playing with; maybe add caramelised onions, or cheese or chopped herbs, or crumbled bacon to the leftover mashed potatoes.

dish of crispy crumbed krumplinudli

There are nine more good ideas for leftover mashed potatoes alone in leftovers cookbook, Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers, plus other ideas for leftover but not masehd potatoes.

Just think of all the ideas I have come up with for the other 450 or so ingredients in the book.  
ultimate leftovers cookbook


Jenny Eatwell said...

Isn't it fascinating how similar recipe ideas turn up in different countries' cuisines? These sound very much like Gnocchi (except bigger, of course!) that then get breadcrumbed and baked. I love anything made of potato, so can't see my disliking these! :)

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Yes, they are like gnocchi, also if you roll the dough out and cook it on a gridle they are lefse or lompe from Norway!