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Tsung yu Ping
A Sudden Dipping Sauce
Sparkling Water!

Although my Daddy always told me not too play with my food I often do and today I did it a lot!

I'm afraid I’m not going to tell you much about what I made as I have to save a lot of good things for my forthcoming book ~ see below. I will, however, tell you about lunch; I had a go at the old Tsung Yu Ping malarky.  

I have always fancied these but never got round to doing them so having got a bunch of spring onions free with a lettuce a week or more ago I decided now was the time. Tsung yu Ping means …

Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes – makes 8


I made the dough in my stand mixer as it is very hot and hurty to do it by hand.

200g plain flour
salt to taste
125ml boiling water.
Approx 2 teaspoons of sesame oil
1 bunch of spring onions – coarsely chopped
oil for frying

~   Stir together the flour and salt.
~   Gradually mix in the hot water and knead till you have a soft dough but one that is no longer sticky. 
~   Cover the dough with a damp cloth and leave for half an hour.
~   Divide into eight balls and roll each ball into a thin pancake, brush each with sesame oil and sprinkle with the spring onions.
~   Roll each pancake from one edge to form eight little snakes.  Coil up each snake and then re-roll into pancakes.  This creates layers as with puff pastry.
~   Heat about 10mm depth of oil in a frying pan and fry the pancakes till crisp and golden on each side. 
~   Drain on kitchen towel and eat them!

I didn't have quite enough spring onion to give a fair dose to all the pancakes (which, incidentally, are more like flatbreads or pastries than pancakes) so used salted cashews for the last two.

The pancakes were tender and flaky with crunchy outsides. I ate three for lunch with a sudden dipping sauce made by adding soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce to the sesame oil left in the little dish.


Later the same day I ate another three for dinner stacked up with roasted salmon which I had first marinated in the leftover dipping sauce from lunch (you see how I “work”!) and salad.  
chinese pancakes layered with salmon and salad

ultimate leftovers cookbook

I Love Leftovers!

As you can tell I am a bugger for leftovers so I wrote Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers  which is about getting the utmost pleasure out of every single scrap of food available. The waste it tackles is not that of money or of resources but of good eating opportunities. 

In Other News ...

~   Here is a sample of bus stop graffiti in Padstow – eat your heart out Banksy!


Claudia said...

Your Tsung yu Ping recipe is so interesting that I'm tempted to try it. I will in the next few days...

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Sue said...

These sound delicious. I'm definitely giving them a go next time I get some spring onions.