Just a Quickie to say …

... I sent my manuscript off this morning (but see below for News from the Future) a day early!  

Bit of a bugger really because now I have no excuse for avoiding all the other things that need doing.  For weeks I have been saying “Well I’d like to help but …” and now I have to sort out cupboards and clean things.

So the first thing I did was have lunch …

~  Menu  ~

Potato & Salmon Hash
Bit of Salad
Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise
Small Glass of Secret White

I bought some bargain potatoes the other day called Blue Belle.  They put me in mind of the Apache potatoes I had a few months ago but l are not the same. 

bag of bargain blue belle potatoes - very nice

The label said they are excellent for baking and how right it was.  

I baked several, specifically so that I could play with them once cooked, but they had such lovely creamy, fluffy interiors and such tasty crispy skin that  things didn't go according to plan; we ate all but one small one. 

Today I made a hash with it together with a little leftover salmon.  It was dead simple I just diced and crushed and mashed the potato in a little oil, added the salmon when it was crisp and served it in a terribly fancy way so I could take a photo (which I am not very pleased with!).

salmon and potato hash, salad, roasted garlic mayonnaise

I’m just watching Nigel (Slater of course) on the telly – he’s one of my absolute favourite famous cooks but I think he must have been reading Sudden Lunch!  He’s making sudden suppers from what he finds in the fridge!  Good man.

Incidentally I saw poppies in flower yesterday - in the snow!  

News from the Future

My book was published in March, 2013. Originally titled The Leftovers Handbook a second edition is now available and is called Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers.  In it I give all the information, ideas and recipes I can think of for over 450 possible leftovers. 

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debs said...

save me a signed copy please!xx

Jenny Eatwell said...

Congratulations! :) Not long now, then! ~rubs hands together in anticipation~

As for that Nigel Slater, well, just don't get me started. "Here's something you can do with 50p of leftover swede - go out and buy £4-worth of lamb steak, then .. blah blah blah".

~grinds teeth together~

There's a whole blog post just waiting to be written about that Nigel Slater programme. Now, have I got time, that's the thing! lol

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Good point Jenny, I hadn't thought of that aspect of his cooking.