A Delicious Sandwich of Roasted Things!

duck and butternut squash toasted sandwich

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Toasted Duck & Butternut Squash Sandwich
White Wine Spritzer

We had roast duck for dinner the other night, duck is my favourite meat and I wasn't disappointed. My real man ate both its legs and I ate one of its breasts.

The following night I made Roasted Butternut Squash and Duck Risotto which worked out well (for how to make risotto see here, and for how to roast squash see here) which is more than I can say for its photo – not shown!

Today’s lunch was obvious as soon as I opened the fridge; a toasted sandwich filled with leftover squash in roasted garlic mayonnaise and the last of the duck breast.

The biggest problem I had was I really couldn’t decide on red or white wine but was a good girl, I didn’t have both.

My real man and I also enjoyed nibbling on a few grattons – duck skin cooked in its own fat till crispy, at which stage I did wish I'd gone for the red.

duck skin grattons

My Leftovers Cookbook

As you may know I am nearing the deadline to submit my book manuscript and so was um … disappointed to discover that the word count on my computer has been ignoring all the words in text boxes which is how I have chosen to display my more major recipes. This has put me 12,000 words over the limit. On the plus side (slightly) I also find that bullet points count as a word so I can offset some of these against the other problem.

Apart from saying rude words I am dealing with this situation by editing the duck out of it. Not really, more like editing the bottargo and jackfruit out of it.

I have always fancied being a food writer – working at home, cooking and eating and sitting around writing about it. The reality is a little different; this constant typing has given me bursitis in both shoulders and a squint!

very useful leftovers cookbook
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However ...

News from the Future ... my book was published in March, 2013. Originally titled The Leftovers Handbook a second edition is now available and is now called Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers.  In it I give all the information, ideas and recipes I can think of for over 450 possible leftovers. 

In Other News

I would just like to say how very, very, very (you can see why I fancy myself as fluent!) pleased I am to hear that Paul Ainsworth has received his first Michelin star. His restaurant, No. 6 in Padstow, is my favourite place to eat out of a more than our fair share of excellent restaurants. Congratulations to Paul and his staff.

Padstow No.6 restaurant

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