The Sheer Sausaginess of Glamorgan Sausages!

glamorgan sausages

glmorgan susage ingredients for pinterest
Today I had something I haven’t eaten for years – Glamorgan Sausages. Despite the fact that back in the day we put them on the menu quite frequently I was surprised at the sheer sausaginess of them.  Although made almost entirely of just cheese and bread the texture is decidedly meatesque.  So here’s the cheap, quick, easy and sausagy recipe.

Glamorgan Sausages - for 2

120g fresh breadcrumbs
100g grated Cheddar
2 spring onions – finely chopped
1 egg yolk
a pinch of mustard power
salt and pepper
another egg - beaten
more breadcrumbs or, even better, panko crumbs

~   Mix everything together and munge into 6 small sausages.
~   Dip in the beaten egg, coat in the crumbs and shallow fry till hot, crisp and golden.

I ate them with a goodly dollop of my favourite tomato and chilli pasta sauce which I use for a myriad of things.

And then I had lunch pudding.  I bought a cheap bag of salty popcorn in the supermarket the other day so just melted butter, brown sugar and tad of vanilla essence together, tossed in the popcorn to coat and ate the result with a cup of coffee.

bowl of buttered popcorn and a coffee

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