Is this the World's Oldest Living Orange? - A Best Before Dates Rant

an elderly but delicious orange

You're not going to believe this.

We are doing the final tidy up of my late father in law's flat and today in the corner of the pantry I found the above pictured orange.  He has been in there about a year and looked a bit rough ...
inside of a year old orange

... but when cut in half was sweet and juicy!  So much for best before labelling.

Obviously I am in No Way recommending that we keep our fruits for ages and ages but on the other hand we don't have to be too nervous about best before dates.  

Best Before Dates ~ a Rant!

orange best before date pinterst image

By best before dates I must stress I Do Not Mean use by dates which are to be taken much more seriously (most of the time - I don't mess with fish or meat but do rely on my own senses with dairy products) as they concern food spoilage.  Best before dates are supposed to advise when a product will be past its best but in my experience many bargains still have some considerable way to go before even reaching their prime.

Our orange is, of course, an extreme case but we are often very lucky getting a little help from our local supermarket, particularly with the “nearly out of date” stuff.  I  have recently bought a small basil plant for 15p, two perfectly good courgettes for 3p and what must have been “ripen at home” avocados (although it wasn’t mentioned) which took over a week to soften but only cost 5p each.

I am truly delighted by such a boon but, you know, the basil plant was,and still is, a plant for Gawd’s sake. Admittedly he is not the finest specimen of a basil plant I have ever seen but all he needs is a bit of lurve.  The little lettuces in soil also shown in the picture were in date and full price when we bought them but are now 2 weeks past their best before date, I've eaten quite a lot and new ones have grown!

regrown lettuce leaves and a basil plant

Potatoes and onions treated properly (cool, dry, dark, separate from each other and with respect) will keep a good long time and in any case it’s quite likely the old potatoes for sale this week were dug at the same time as the “almost out of date” old potatoes in the reduced section.

Making cheese is a method of preservation in itself and, as rule, hard cheese keeps much longer that is implied on the label.  Nevertheless wax coated hard cheeses have bizarrely short best before dates. Why? 

And what about honey? It is virtually indestructible as I have mentioned before yet it has a best before date!

If this is a cunning plan to make people buy more food it may have backfired.  I see that my local supermarket recently overshot their waste budget by several thousand pounds, I fear they may have been hoist on their own petard, whatever that is. 

Sorry about that.  Changing the subject - have a look at this ...

Big Fish!

superb fish and chips

... which is a sample of the huge portions at the wonderful fish and chip shop, Gills in Seaton Sluice that we frequent when Up North (you can just see my real man's manly fist in the top of the picture to give an idea of size).  

And here's a picture of the delicious sloppy (or mushy) peas that are served with it.

mushy peas

Being from Down South with my "fancy southern ways" as my real man puts it I did at first demur at this but talk about yum!
no-churn ice cream recipe book

In Other News ...

I have just uploaded my finished Ice Cream book to Amazon where it is available for kindle and in paperback ~ yippee!


purplestormwitch said...

How do you find out the sex of an orange?
That is an amazingly large luscious looking fish, making me crave northern fish n chips!and by the way the pin it links not working so I have pinned you on my site via the normal way under books worth reading!x

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

I admit orange sexing is an art! Thanks for pinning especially when it was tricky - I'll look at the link! x

Simon said...

For what it's worth, mine is like 28 years old...