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Smoked Bass (and other fish) Kedgeree
Glass of Secret White
A Sticky Caramel Florentine thing from Greggs the Bakers
(cheating, I know, but it was a delicious gift)

Firstly may I say how very sorry I am not to have posted for so long – almost 2 weeks.  My main reason is that I have not one but two frozen shoulders (I hope I don’t get any more!) and have been trying to keep off the computer in case all that typing when getting my book ready caused it.

I can’t stay off the computer forever though, who could?  So here I am. 

My second reason for not posting is that I haven’t been eating as interestingly as usual not having my “well stocked storecupboard” to hand and we are somewhat out of sync Up North.  

Normally I have all sorts of leftovers to play with but it has taken some time to assemble a collection.  I say “assemble a collection” purposely because assembling collections of leftovers is something I very much advocate; whenever I have scraps of meat, fish, bread or fruit etc. I add them to my appropriate collection in the freezer till I have enough to make something delicious.

A week or so ago we went out for fish and chips which is such a great thing to do in these parts.  My “small” haddock was far too large to eat in one sitting (and you should have seen my real man’s “standard portion”, fnarr frnarr!).  I ate what I could and then had a doggy bag.  Sadly we have no dog so I froze my leftovers till inspiration struck.

I recently cooked some smoked sea bass and couldn’t eat it all so added the leavings to my frozen haddock.

My creamy salmon and leek pie (mashed potato topping) a couple of nights ago was also too much for me so last night I defrosted my frozen fish scraps and munged some of them together with the leftover salmon and leek pie including the potato. The mixture was firm enough to form into a cake which I coated with the old panko crumbs and fried.  This was a yummy dinner with roasted tomatoes, petit pois and roasted garlic mayonnaise.  I was, however, left with a few scraps of thawed haddock and smoked sea bass to use up so for lunch today I had ….


It always surprises me when Kedgeree is nice!  It doesn’t sound very promising; curried rice with smoked fish, cream and boiled eggs.  Well firstly I totally agree with myself about the boiled eggs and never include them in kedgeree but apart from them this is a delicious combination.  Guidelines only …

bowl of kedgeree
~   Cook an onion like this – The Best Way to Cook Onions 
~   Stir in a teaspoon of curry paste and cook a minute or two.
~   Add cooked basmati rice and toss all together till hot.
~   Toss in cooked smoked fish (and unsmoked fish if necessary) and a spoonful of double cream till heated through.

Instead of eggs I added some leftover petit pois.

So, in short, I had two very delicious meals from leftover scraps of fish that many people would throw away!  What prannets - they should read my book!

In Other News …

We are still Up North and the weather is still, in the main, very good.  Last week we went to York which as you probably know is well worth a visit.  I wandered around and looked at stuff whilst my darling spent the day at the National Railway Museum - I told you he's a real man. 

We met up at lunchtime and being outside the city walls had no idea where to eat so dined at the museum and were both pleasantly surprised.  Yes, both of us simultaneously pleasantly surprised in the food department, which is quite an accomplishment.  

He had Yorkshire Sausages with all the normal trimmings and I had a Goat Cheese and Roasted Tomato Tartlet with all sort of salads including quinoa and barley and tiny new potatoes in a whole grain mustard dressing.  Not at all the sort of thing one would expect in such a place – so well done them!

We actually chose a stupid time to visit York; a sunny Saturday in half term!  For this reason I didn't go to Jorvik as planned not into Betty’s, in both cases because of the queues.  I didn't go into The Perky Peacock Coffee Shop either but I did envy them their premises.

cafe in York, UK

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