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Courgette & Lemon Fritters
Hot Smoked Salmon in Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise
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Sticky Toffee Sauce Scrapings

We bought a side of hot smoked salmon, half price, the other day which I portioned and froze all except one piece which I had for dinner that night.  It had been sold with slices of orange and a sachet of orange glaze which I didn't want to open for just one piece (or possibly at all).  I was about to stick my bit of fish in the oven when I remembered the remains of a jar of marmalade in the cupboard so I brushed the top of my salmon with this before baking.  Gorgeous! but of course too much for me to finish in one sitting.

salmon fillets glazed with marmalade

We had also bought a few baby courgettes so today I made courgette fritters as per my all purpose fritter recipe which I flavoured with grated lemon zest. I served it, to myself, topped with the leftover smoked salmon turned in a spoonful of roasted garlic mayonnaise - one of my store cupboard staples.

courgette fritters with leftover salmon

Lucky girl me. 

leftover sticky toffee pudding

Clearing up after lunch I found a Sticky Toffee Sauce pan from last night with just a little sauce left in it.  To be frank I had kept this back purposely as I was going to suggest my real man cook his morning porridge in it for a little added je ne sais quoi but forgot to tell him about it this morning.  So I scraped the pan and ate it myself for lunch pudding, with a cup of coffee!

Now I know this post isn't very informative inasmuch as there are no new recipes (although some links to earlier recipes) but it does demonstrate how with a combination of imagination and greed, a collection of bits, pieces, leftovers and bargains can make a lovely sudden lunch.

I love cooking with leftovers, they inspire me so much!  I have even written a book about them, Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers in which I give all the recipes, ideas, handy hints, cook's treats and more that I can think of for 450 potential leftovers.
most useful leftovers cookbook ever!

I am also inspired by a bargain! Here is a pineapple we bought yesterday, not quite ripe as it happens! 

perfect pineapple bargain

You may remember I had myself a little rant the other day about best before dates.  I confuse myself because when we get something like this fine pineapple I am simultaneously delighted and cross - strange feeling!  I have started a collection of irritating, wonderful bargains on Pinterest ~ Best Before, or it it?


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