Just look at these bargains!

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Smoked Salmon with Copious amounts of Black Pepper
Sour Cream and Chives
Hot Freshly Baked Roll
Glass of White Wine
68p the lot!

I had a wonderful lunch today, not particularly seasonal but totally delicious and so cheap!!!  The smoked salmon cost 30p, the sour cream abut 3p and the roll ... 0.66p!!!  I love a bargain, me.

Isn't this just amazing?  

2p for 6 part baked rolls which were perfectly utterly good and went straight in the freezer when I got home.  The same with the smoked salmon but now I have thawed it I'd better eat the other half this evening.  I didn't freeze the sour cream and chives and it is now a day out of date but, being a bit of a rebel, I am now eating it anyway and it tastes fine, fine, fine. 

The half glass of wine cost about the same as the meal but at 68p the lot I'm not complaining.

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Laura said...

the UK is amazing (and I believe unique) for bargains such as these!!!

Anonymous said...

My brother throws milk that is past its use by date - he wont smell it, just bins it! My hubby tells me off for picking off the green bits of mould from the bread - I HATE waste, and love your site! Cat x