Easiest, Deliciousest Pâté from leftover Salmon!

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I always find salmon rather filling and as it is one of my favourite meals leftovers occur frequently, today I mashed up about 60g of leftover salmon with the remains of a packet of Boursin which was about  a tablespoon (isn't Boursin yummy by the way!) and a similar sized dollop of roasted garlic mayonnaise.  It worked very well, I thought it would.

salmon pate made with Boursin and roasted garlic

Lindor Balls!

My lunchtime pudding was rather special.  This year Santa brought me a great deal of chocolate and such like (I'd been very good) including a bag of wonderful Lindor thingies.  When I went to eat some I found that being near the fire the middles had melted.  Lush! 

They were difficult to unwrap due to being soft but well worth the patience because once in the mouth the chocolate shell broke open to release a gush of lovely liquid chocky goo.

melted middle lindor balls
I got the picture off the Lindt site; I hope they don't mind but it just about sums up how lovely an experience my lunch pudding was. I turned the image upside down to more accurately portray the melted filling pouring down my throat.  I had a cup of black coffee with these for lunch and for dinner pudding ate the same thing but with a brandy.  Sadly they are all gone now.


I love the above salmon pâté it has become one of my favourite lunches - these days I add a splash of sweet chilli sauce too.  Try it!

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Homeandfood said...

Ah! I have had exactly the same thing happen to me with Linder! I left mine by a radiator and by the time I'd remembered them they had become little bombs of chocolatey goodness!

Happy new year Suzy!