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Clotted Cream Ice Cream and a Doo Dah

I made my real man a steak and kidney pie the other day, as one does, using bought in puff pastry (because it's only worth making your own in exceptional circumstances - if at all).  I bunged the rest of the packet and the trimmings in the fridge so was not that surprised to find them in there today.

I recently bought some Cornish Gouda to try - I do like a bit of cheese, me. There were several to choose from and I selected the Semi-Mature and the Italian herb varieties.  Both delish.  In fact I played a little with the herby cheese yesterday and find it to be not only a good nibble but also toasts very well.  I had it on toast but it would make a fine Dutch Pizza.

Today I made two little Cornish Gouda and Leek Pasties, 2 styles of pinwheels with the same filling and some Brown Sugar Pastry Doo Dahs.

I then ate almost all of them for lunch!!!

I have written more about the Gouda and the pasties recipe here ... 'Say Cheese! on Cornwall Community News.

For the pinwheels I wanted to compare the results of either slicing before cooking or cooking in the roll and then slicing.  I find I prefer the second method.

It is, however, the Brown Sugar Doo Dahs which pleased me most.  

pastry scraps baked with brown sugar
All I did was ...

~   Collect all the scraps from the above items and munged them into a lump.
~   Flattened the lump and added a demi-handful of soft dark brown sugar.
~   Re-munged everything together to distribute the sugar.
~   Rolled into a ball, elongated it a bit and sliced it.
~   I baked the result with the pasties and pinwheels.

homemade ice cream pinterest image

I ate one for lunch pudding with a modicum of homemade Clotted Cream Ice Cream the recipe for which is a doddle but I'm not going to tell you how to make it here!  

I'm not just being mean, I made it using my very easy no churn, no ice cream maker method which I have written about in my book Luscious Ice Creams without a Machine.  

It is a very easy method and can be varied to make all sorts of ices (100+ recipes in the book) but there is lots of useful ice-cream making info in it too which will help with making the above Clotted Cream Ice Cream

In other news ...

As you may know I went Up London last week for a publicity meeting about my forthcoming book, The Leftovers Handbook.  Now all sorts of things are starting to happen which explains, I hope, the slight hiatus in my blogging.  Sorry about that.

News from the Future ...

My book was published in March, 2013. A second edition is now available and is called Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers.  In it I give all the information, ideas and recipes I can think of for over 450 possible leftovers. 

most useful leftovers cookbook ever


James and Maggie said...

Ahh Suzy thanks for telling your esteemed readers about my daily efforts, what use is nepotism unless you keep it in the family!

Sue said...

Glad to hear the book is moving on a pace, I'm looking forward to having a copy of my very own :-)

Your brothers pictures are absolutely lovely, although how he manages to produce a new one every day along with all the other things he's up to I have no idea.....does he actually sleep?

I have just read your Blog from start to finish and I have to say it's totally inspiring.

Sue xx

Autism United said...

Those pictures are wonderful, lovely detail. Is your brother selling?

artistforever said...

Hi, you might like to join the new cooking angels community and share your recipes to a good crowd on Twitter, Pinterest and FB. I love your recipes and think it would be awesome if you could join this new website. Check it out please :) - LOve your recipes. We need some more on the site :)
PS: I found you on Linkedin :)