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Leftover Dinner on Toast
White Wine Spritzer
Last piece of Christmas Cake

Last night was yet another case of me cooking myself too much salmon so I put the leftovers, including the peas, in the fridge and today folded the flaked fish and peas into some mayonnaise with a few drips of sweet chilli sauce.  I toasted a couple of slices of sourdough, bunged the stuff on top, put it under the grill and Robert is my father's brother!  (Not really).
leftover salmon on toast

So that was pleasant, as was lunch pudding - the very last piece of Christmas cake. This was not, however, the last of our Christmas leftovers.  
sausage sandwich advice!

My real man insisted we buy pretty well the largest turkey on the planet despite the fact there are only two of us and I don't much eat meat.  This means he still has, I think, 4 Christmas dinners left. 

No picture of those leftovers but I thought I'd just show you this rather fabulous sausage sandwich he had for lunch; made on a stottie cake, together with a useful tip.

In other news ...

Speaking of Christmas leftovers I have just finished off some Salted Caramel Cream - 5 weeks out of date and just as lovely as ever (its got lots of other ingredients in it so perhaps that's why it kept so well).

ultimate leftovers cookbook
Read more here.

And from the future - my book on leftovers, originally published as The Leftovers Handbook is now in its second edition as Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers.  In it I give all the information, ideas, recipes, handy hints, cook’s treats, storage info, ideas of what goes with what that I can think of for over 450 possible leftovers. 

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jill brock said...

Love your creativity with leftovers. Oddly enough they all sound delicious!