Tilda's BBQ Rice

I receive a few press releases and sometimes samples of foods and books and things to hopefully mention on my blog,  
A day or so before we left on our hols *** I received a pack of  Tilda's Limited Edition Barbecue Steamed Basmati so took it with me and contributed it to a meal my friend was cooking - sticky pork chops which were yum. I think she was pleased with it!

It is not my normal way to buy pre-cooked anything in general, and probably not something like rice in particular, but I can see that if you were that way inclined this would be a good purchase. The flavour is fragrant, smoky and spicy with fennel, chipotle, smoked paprika and my friends' 15 year old daughter Ruby thought she detected a hint of five spice.  Mind you she is not just any 15 year old, she is a Future Chef 2013 finalist so may well be right. 

Anyhoo Tilda Limited Edition Barbecue Rice has a warm complex taste and now I find myself looking at the other flavours in their range such as Coconut & Lime Leaf, Mexican Chilli, Lemon, British Curry, Egg Fried and Pilau.

In other news ...

***  I have fallen in love again - with the Highlands and Islands.  We had a superb time and I could wax lyrical but instead I have started a new Pinterest board.

Now I am home I hope to accumulate some new leftovers to play with and will report back asap.  


Lucie Howard said...

Great blog and lovely photos, love & miss you, The Howard Family

Suzy said...

Particularly good one of you Lucie. Oddly enough Debbie didn't recognise you! Love and miss you too. xxx

Hong said...

This is fantastic!