Delicious Scottish Tablet~ but is it Art?

Back story ...

When I lived at Trebarwith Strand one of our number built a cairn on top of the enormous rock, Gull Rock, a little off Trebarwith Beach.

Gull Rock at Trebarwith Strand in Cornwall

It could be seen from shore (and is just visible in this photo) and if anyone asked what it was they were told "Oh that's a P.O.S." which, not wanting to show ignorance, they generally accepted not realising that P.O.S. stands for Pile of Stones.  

Thinking about it this may or may not have been an early "installation".

Scottish cairn

Now, travelling around the Highlands, I see small P.O.S.s  erected all over the place so decided to create my own, it's pretty easy but here are the instructions ...

~   Sit on the ground near some stones.
~   Select a biggish flattish stone and set it in place somewhere.
~   Choose another stone.
~   Balance it on the first.
~   Carry on till you are happy with you cairn.
~   Stop.

Here is one I built at a place called Poolewe.

a cairn built of Scottish tablet fudge

In seemingly other news have long wanted to try Scottish Tablet a crumbly variety of fudge which I have been told is similar to lovely Granny Wobbly's.  I bought some, ate it and agree. It is rich, sweet, buttery and goes particularly well with black coffee enhanced by the addition of a wee dram.  After trying this delectable combo inspirations struck ...

Now that's what I call art!  And this is what I call tart ...
Whilst cleaning up the kitchen before leaving Cornwall for Scotland I chanced upon a butternut squash labelled "best before 8th June" so brought him with me and the other day roasted him as per the instructions here and made a quick rustic tart for lunch.  

There was Absolutely Nothing Wrong with the squash even though it was well over a month past its date and is just another case of this strange labelling system.

rustic butternut squash tart

In other news ...

The weather here has been fab and we have been for lots of walks ~ a Scottish mile bears some resemblance, we find, to a Cornish mile!  My real man whittled (you know what they're like!) a couple of walking sticks and we picked wild blaeberries (which are very similar to blueberries) to sustain us.  

We have seen an eagle, seals, deer, vast amounts of tiny fish leaping, tadpoles, maybe lamprey, a man travelling around the country on a mobility scooter for Help for Heroes and the aforementioned and best of all, so far, pine marten.  I'd really like to see an otter too but won't be cross if I don't.

the beautiful Scottish Highlands

P.S.  Sorry about any inconsistencies in this post - I am on a strange computer in a strange land!

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Sue said...

It is indeed a strange land, I'm married to one of the strange folk from it :-)

Love your 'tablet cairn'.

Jane Sarchet said...

I love the weaving together of a POS, a pile of fudge and a butternut pizza! I'm hooked :)
Janie x
(visiting via Choclette's Cornish #ff)