Welcome Home Cornish Crackler!

A few weeks ago when we went to top up our supply of one of the most wonderful cheeses in the world, ever; Davidstow Cornish Crackler, we found, to our horror, that the price had gone up somewhat. 

"In the current financial climate" this was not good news and I am ashamed to say that we chickened out and bought a cheaper cheese.  We haven't eaten it though!

A couple of days ago feeling sad and cheese-less we invested in the real thing and am so glad to welcome it back to our home, our hearts and our palates.  Never again will I put petty considerations such as having no money before the morality of cheese.

a pack of lovely Cornish cheddar cheese
What's so good about it you may ask, if you've never tried it.  Well ...

~   A good strong complex delicious real Cheddar flavour,
~   A wonderful crumbly texture which not only makes it ideal for cooking with, as it melts very well, but also comes with a bonus; you absolutely have to have a Cook's Treat of the crumbs whilst preparing a meal and may I suggest a Chef's Coffee with that?
~   It is not only British and English it is Cornish so for me it is also local produce too for which, as you know, one gets brownie points.
~   This is the best thing - throughout the cheese are tiny salty crunchy nuggets of what I believe to be protein crystals but whatever they are - gorgeous!

close up of protein crystals in Davidstow Cornish Crackler cheddar
Very close up!
Anyhoo - if you like cheese you'll love this, Gromit.

I'm afraid I haven't done any cooking with Crackler recently, just nibbled on it and grinned. However see ... 


Sue said...

I'm looking forward to the day when you are back to normal. This has been the BIGGEST BT fiasco in the history of BT.

For crying out loud you are only moving the bl**dy phone line a couple of hundred yards.

Whatever you do, DO NOT ask to move it back once you get it there!!

And yes, if you have a favourite cheese it pays to buy it WHATEVER the price. When it's more expensive stretch it as far as possible, when it's on offer FILL THE FREEZER with the stuff :-)

Eileen M said...

I do love good cheese and will happily economise in all other areas such as bacon pieces instead of rashers etc so that I can indulge my love of nice cheese. Your post reminded me that I've not had any 'cruncher' for a few months. I could think of nothing else last night so took myself off to Morrisons this morning hoping to find some. I was delighted to find some on offer at £3 for 320grams. I thought I would let you know as the offer finishes on 1st Sept. I have blown my pension ha ha.

Eileen M said...

Made the fritters and they were yummy. I often make fritters with leftover veg but never added cheese before, tasty addition.

Charlotte Oates said...

I've not tried this one before, but you've made it sound delicious so I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

Thanks for joining #FoodYearLinkup x