Gorgeous Carcassonne!

Carcassonne citadel
The above is a real picture taken by me out of the car window, all I've done is put a white frame round it.  I know it looks a bit weird but that's just how it looked!

I am sat sitting here in the heart of Carcassonne, French France and I can hear quite clearly someone playing, on a trumpet or similar, "Auld Lang Syne"  Quelle Surprise!  

It is also pissing with rain but I've had a great day and a bit of sitting on the bed blogging isn't a bad thing.

Last night we ate at an outdoor restaurant, the name of which sadly escapes me where for €14.50 I had ...

Crusty yummy bread
Confit de Canard with Potatoes Roasted in Duck Fat
Crème Catalan

My dining companion had mussels au gratin with aioli and we shared a half litre of local red wine for just €6 so that's quite a lot of good eating and drinking for not much money. 

Today we first went to the market which was as I have always been led to believe French markets are - piles and piles of great produce! 

wonderful food market in Carcassonne, France
We didn't buy much as we have no fridge or kitchen at the moment; just a couple of white peaches and one each of these ...

delicious crisp sugary pancakes

If you can't decipher the writing they are oreillettes and you can read more about them here ... Oreillettes Recipe which is where I looked! They are like deep fried crèpes, crisp and sugary and very good with coffee.  I might try making some when I get home.

After we had wandered and marvelled for a while I went off on my own like the big girl I am to look at the medieval citadel or cité - very nice and not too full of people whilst I was there although they did seem to be piling in as I was leaving.

the Beautiful sights of Carcassonne

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