Leftovers aka Les Restes (I think!)

I have always thought that French for leftovers was restes but I'm not sure now - no-one here seems to know what I am talking about; a common problem I find, though getting easier.

Whatever they are called on our last day in Roquebrune, Monday, we had lots of them to use up as we will not be self catering again this trip. 

coffee and beignets

On Sunday we visited a large street market between Frejus and St. Raphael where there was a guy selling 10 beignets for €1 so I asked for same and the git gave me 18 for €1 - my kind of git! We ate a couple of the crunchy sugary darlings there and then and few more with coffee later. I have absolutely no idea what that bottle of Armagnac is doing in the background.

For breakfast I heated the remainder in a hot pan till re-crisped and they were very good indeed drizzled with honey and taken with strong coffee. 

eating,drinking and reading

Before lunch we visited and said goodbye to some great people; Patricia et Marcel and Ingrid et Jaqui.  Champagne was served with nibbles and on our return I cobbled together a small lunch to tide us over till dinner; leek and potato soup with garlicky croûtes and sautéed julienne of ham; all leftovers.  Our French friends were surprised at the thought of eating soup for lunch but I can't quite grasp their point!

I was going to leave the soup chunky but found a mouli legumes in the cupboard so thought I'd have a play.

moulis legumes

... et voila ...

Re-pin for later!
For dinner we had a simple omelette of leftover potatoes, onions and air dried sausage of some kind. 

Speaking of leftovers I have written an entire book about les restes ...

In other news ...

I am very surprised to find that the South of France is rife with chihuahuas!  Here's a girl called Canelle who I became quite friendly with.


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Claire said...

You're totally right, leftovers = restes :-) i just discovered your blog, I love the wax you cool! Thanks for sharing