Black Garlic ~ please help!

black garlic is so mellow
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I don’t know if you remember but a couple of years ago black garlic entered my life and I was enchanted. After all these years playing with food an exciting new ingredient to experiment with and, not only that, it's a wonderful one!  

So I happily skipped about in the sunshine buying this nectar from Tesco and various other places, whenever I saw it, which was reasonably often.  Often enough to always have some in my interesting store cupboard to enhance my sudden lunches. Just look at it, beautiful or what!

I ran out a while back but wasn't too perturbed as I was going away for a couple of months, I’d re-stock when I got home.  Imagine my horror on my return when however hard I searched I couldn't find any black garlic anywhere.  Apparently people have stopped stocking it which is just plain daft, so far as I can see. This stuff needs to be out there, people need to know.

Luckily I found some on Amazon so I've ordered 6 packets and shall be boring the knickers off you with all my ideas as soon as it arrives.

I very seriously recommend this wonderful ingredient to anyone who loves good food, it has a sweet almost balsamic-ish, molassesy taste and a soft squidgy texture, like a dried fruit version of garlic.  And, as they say themselves …

Black garlic also has a long shelf life, 6-8 months, so is perfect for spontaneous cooking and making leftovers even more delicious.

So, perhaps you could help this situation by asking for black garlic when you go shopping.  Don’t worry, it probably won’t cost you anything as nobody seems to stock it. but if enough people ask perhaps Tesco and others will start buying it again.
black garlic cloves

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