Great Idea for Leftover Pancakes

Today is …
“  …the pinnacle for carrot lovers all around the world. It is the day when the carrot is celebrated through carrot parties and other carrot related festivities.

Yes, today's the day; International Carrot Day 2014 so I thought I’d write all sorts of interesting things about carrots, only … well I think I've already written almost everything I can think of! 

In my book Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers I give nine ideas for spare carrots including this piece of advice.


I have also blogged about delicious roasted carrots here where I give five more ideas including Carrot Vinaigrette with which I am particularly pleased.  

So despite today being such a biggie I’ve decided to tell you about what I did with a couple of leftover pancakes, the crèpe type.

You may remember that on Pancake Day (the UK one!) I recreated a wonderful meal I had eaten in France involving buckwheat galettes..  Well yesterday I had exactly the same meal again, Galettes de Sarrasin with a creamy scallop and leek filling. As my real man doesn't go for this sort of fancy cooking I had several pancakes left over.

Leftover Pancakes

I reheated a couple in a dry frying pan and had them with maple syrup, of course, for breakfast.


I then tried to recreate something else I ate in France - Oreillettes which I thought meant small ears but apparently means headset, ear flap, ear phone!  Not so whimsical and poetic and also a strange name for a traditional dish, but c'est la vie. This is what they looked like in France …


… and I took them to be deep fried pancakes which they are not. Mine are though!


Here's the recipe for real Oreillettes, which are an orange flower and citrus scented dough rolled thin and friedI’ll give the real things a go soon.

My fried pancakes, however, worked out really well eaten whilst hot and crisp and sprinkled with sugar.  I still had a few scraps left so fried those as well and here they are on top of some Coffee Sorbet I had left in the freezer after writing my recent little ebook Sorbets & Granitas” 


 A nice idea, I thought. It makes me wish I was still cheffing so I could surprise the punters!

In Other News

We Hate to Waste, a website in America dedicated to the no waste lifestyle with loads of interesting ideas and info (and I really am not just saying that) have done me the honour of featuring my book and my humble self on their blog . Have a look, even if you don’t read the bit about me I think you’ll enjoy browsing the site.


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I love the sound of deep fried pancakes, although I think they'd need to be saved for a once in a while treat as I can;t imagine they'd be too healthy! They look delicious.

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